WordPress 4.5: What is new? [Update]

Gijs Hovens, April 25, 2016

WordPress 4.5 was released recently. Following the naming convention, this version was also named after a famous Jazz artist. WordPress 4.5 is called “Coleman”, after Coleman Hawkins. Version 4.5 has some minor improvements. Unfortunately full REST API support was not included. The latest news is that full API support will be included in version 4.7. The codex has listed all changes in a comprehensive overview.


Wordpress 4.5 improvement

The improvements you will most likely encounter are the inline editing of links and the use of formatting shortcuts for horizontal lines and <code>. You can add the first one by typing --- and the second one by adding code like this: `your code goes here`.

The core teams has also made some improvements under the hood. The compression rate is now higher for your uploaded images (from quality setting ’90’ to setting ’82’). This has a big impact on file size but is hardly visible for your visitors.

On the ‘customize’ screen under the item ‘appearance’, you can now preview your website in desktop, tablet and mobile mode.

There are some more minor improvements but these are hardly noticeable for the average user. For example, previewing themes is now faster.

We will start updating our clients to the new version from today (25th of april). We always wait several weeks to give plugin developers the time to iron out possible compatibility issues.


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