WP MeetUp in the Spotlights #1: Nürnberg

Lucas Prigge, August 24, 2016

We have already met many of you in the different events organized in the WordPress community. Surely you have already seen our contributions to these events.

What? You haven’t read about the WordCamps in Berlin, Nuremberg & Vienna yet?

Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere. However, there are still many smaller meetings that are regularly organized with just as much dedication. That’s why they deserve a place in the spotlight – so that you know how to participate in the WordPress community nearby.

The first MeetUp is a special one for us – a city we visited for a WordCamp earlier in the year, and got to know its organization as extremely helpful, friendly and competent. For the second time Frank Staude (Twitter) gave us his time to talk about his MeetUp in Nuremberg.

Frank, thank you so much for wanting to tell our readers more about MeetUp in Nuremberg. Has your experience with the WordCamp in Nuremberg influenced the design of the MeetUp in Nuremberg?

No. One of them is that I already founded the WordPress Meetup in Hannover in 2011 and organized it until my move in 2015. At the same time Stefan (Kremer, red. – Twitter) had founded the Meetup in Nuremberg. Stefan has moved and is now taking care of the Meetup in Würzburg and I have now inherited the Nuremberg Meetup. A Meetup is a completely different event than a WordCamp, so the organization of the WordCamp didn’t influence me further for the Meetup.

What is the focus of the MeetUp in Nuremberg?

Like all Meetups I know, we in Nuremberg are open for all users of WordPress, no matter if users, designers, developers – what unites us is that we use WordPress. And as a developer I can always learn something, if you listen to the pure users where their problems are. It’s always good to think outside the box and register how others work with WordPress and what we can improve as a community, be it in translation, UI or core.

If possible we have a presentation in the evening and afterwards time for questions, exchange and networking.

What highlights can you appoint or expect?

Due to the change at the Orga we are in the process of planning the topics a bit more long-term for the future. In June Stefan presented the plugin iThemes Security and in July we had Sven Wagener (Twitter) as guest, who presents his plugin Torro Forms. In August there are summer holidays in Bavaria, where we meet traditionally in the beer garden. In September we continue with Carlos, who presents us the plugin Edit Flow.

There was a meta session at the WordCamp Nuremberg for MeetUp orgasms. What did this result in concrete terms?

I wasn’t at the MetaMeetup session, I was on duty in another room 🙂 What happened during the WordCamp was that we turned the Meetup Franken into the Meetup Nürnberg. Firstly, because Stefan now does the Meetup in Würzburg (and Würzburg is still Franconia) and secondly, so that we can register it at meetup.com. During the Contributor Day for the Meetups Nuremberg and Würzburg an application was submitted to the WordPress Foundation to create the Meetups on meetup.com.

Has the Meetup in Nuremberg grown since Web Week and WordCamp?

Yes, we’ve seen some new faces since then and also the listing on meetup.com appeals to new people who we couldn’t reach on the other ways so far or who haven’t found us yet.

Finally, when is the next WP MeetUp in Nuremberg?

The next date is: 15.9.2016. We usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at CoWorking Space Nuremberg.

Many thanks to Frank for introducing the MeetUps in Nuremberg.

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