The uptime with our own hosting solution was terrible, with several hours of downtime each month. With Savvii, everything is as it should be. We now save at least four hours of time spent on system administration each month and have an excellent uptime rate.

-Joram Dees, Simplefly Internet agency

WordPress hosting for agencies and specialists

Do you spend a lot of time on peripheral matters such as updates, system management, security, and improving loading times? Savvii will take care of all of this for you! Rest assured that we will carry out these tasks in an automated, professional manner every single day. You will have more time for doing what you’re good at, building awesome WordPress websites.

Moreover, Savvii allows you to build your recurring revenue. We will help you offer our hosting, updates, SSL certificates & security services to your clients in a proper, honest manner.

You will receive the support of a personal account manager, who will provide you with advice, about how to grow your agency by employing hosting in a clever manner. We know that migrating a portfolio is no small matter (although we have made it a very easy one thanks to our migration plugin), which is why we aim to build long-term relationships. Want to know more about how Savvii can help you out?

Ask our account managers about the best solution for your situation.

Jeffrey Visser, Operations Manager Van Ons

“We build our websites in WordPress and we need hosting that's tailor made for the best performance for WordPress websites. That's something Savvii delivers.”

Jeffrey Visser , Operations Manager Van Ons
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“After 5 years of working together I can safely say that we’re very confident in using Savvii’s hosting for our clients.”

Roderick van Straten , Chief of Heers
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Is it possible for me to try out your hosting without being immediately tied down?

Yes, it is! Simply apply for a free 14-day trial period. We will then provide you with a fully functional package to allow you to see how well your website performs on our platform. The package is then terminated automatically after 14 days.

My company and I are continuing to grow – will you grow along with us?

Yes. Your personal account manager will collaborate with you, suggesting solutions that would suit your company and are in line with the objectives you are aiming to achieve.

Can you help me migrate my websites to Savvii?

Certainly. We developed our Savvii WP Migrate plugin especially to allow you to quickly and easily migrate your websites. This plugin copies the entire website and converts all of the necessary files and database fields at the mere press of a button. You can read more about the process here. If you like, we could even take care of the migration for you.

Are you available outside of office hours as well?

Of course! We think it is important to be available 24/7 for any clients that may require our assistance. That is why we have a separate emergency support phone number to allow you to contact us outside of office hours. Clients with a VPS can retrieve this special phone number via the Savvii control panel.

Is it true that you only host WordPress websites, and no other types?

Yes, that’s right. We focus on WordPress hosting entirely and do not support any other CMS types. If you have a number of websites that cannot be migrated to WordPress, we would be happy to help you find a partner that is just as reliable as Savvii to handle those.

Can you take care of my email and domain needs as well?

No. We do one thing only and do it well, and that thing is WordPress hosting. There are many great email and domain registration solutions out there. However, we would be happy to help you get started with a few tips. To migrate your website to Savvii, you will not need to move your email and domain as well. The majority of our clients keep their current email and domain registration supplier.

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