Admin Columns [Review & Coupon]

Lucas Prigge, May 23, 2017

admin columns logoAs a Savvii customer, you have been able to benefit from an exclusive discount for various high-quality WordPress enhancements & services for while via our Savvii Deals programme. We thought it was high time to inform you about the services you can benefit from.

This time, a plugin for anyone who wants to save time. Admin Columns ensures you can work faster in your WordPress back-end.

WordPress was originally created as a blog system, and it is ideally suited to regularly adding new content to your site. It is already well-known that this goes beyond blog posts. You can also manage shop products, images, users, pages, and many other content types easily with WordPress.

The more often you add content, the greater your risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. For example, if you have an editorial team posting dozens of messages daily, it becomes harder to find a message when you want to change it. It also becomes difficult to manage the entire content in one go, or to make large-scale changes.

The CodePress team also identified this problem, and they decided to develop a solution. This has led to Admin Columns, a plugin that organises the WordPress back-end, and adds features to it. This plugin helps you regain sight of the bigger picture and allows you to work faster.


As the name suggests, with Admin Columns, you create new columns in your WP Admin to organise your content. Which columns you use is entirely up to you – use what you find most useful. With more than 150 pre-sets to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal combination for you. Adjustments are possible on message, page, or user level.

Admin Columns not only adds the default available fields as a column, the Pro version also integrates with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, ACF, Yoast SEO and bbPress. “The objective is to support as many known plugins and different types of content as possible to make it even easier for you to maintain your site,” says David Mosterd, CodePress plug-in developer.

With all those columns, there is a chance that not all the information will fit onto your screen. Admin Columns has come up with a solution: Column Sets. This allows you to quickly switch between different sets of columns via a drop-down menu.

Filter & Sort – Pro

After you have sorted your content into columns, it is then possible to filter your content on values of those columns. For example, you are searching for all posts by a specific author – this is easy by using a filter in Admin Columns. You can also sort your messages by number or other variables.

Edit – Pro

This is perhaps the feature that saves you the most time! With Admin Columns, you no longer have to click on a message to edit data, for example. After you have organised, filtered or selected your content, you can edit the content directly from the overview. This includes editing the title, adjusting a highlighted image, or adding tags. This way, editing pieces will be faster than you are currently used to.

Do you want to get started?

Do you also think Admin Columns can save you time? Simply install the free version via the plugin repository from WordPress. If you like the free version, you can purchase a pro license. Of course, Savvii customers can do this via our Savvii Deals Programme, which gives you a 10% discount. For agencies, there are special packages with a license for an unlimited number of websites.

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