Advanced Ads review & discount [Savvii Deals]

Lucas Prigge, November 18, 2016

Advanced ads logoFor quite some time now, Savvii customers have been able to make use of our exclusive discount for some great extensions and services for WordPress, thanks to our Savvii Deals program. We thought it was about time we informed you of the several opportunities you can make use of.

There are many plugins which allow to you to integrate banners and ads into WordPress. However, there are few as extensive as Advanced Ads – developed for publishers, BY a publisher.

You’ll notice quickly, that Advanced Ads was developed by someone with many years of experience as a publisher. Thomas Maier shows millions of monthly ads on his own website He developed Advanced Ads for implementing and optimizing advertisements in WordPress. By now, the plugin has been installed on more than 20.000 sites. Publishers who aim to earn money with their site, will find it to be a professional advertising tool.

Who sees which ads?

For his own site, Thomas was urgently looking for more extensive functionality than that which existing ad-plugins offered. From this search, Advanced Ads came to be. A plugin with an eye for detail in the settings for both the site and its visitors.

For example, you can configure many conditions that determine who sees which advertisements. For your website, you can configure specific categories, tags, sites and site-types. On visitor-level you can, among other things, set filters on the visitor’s browser language, monitor size or country.

Cache-busting for ads

One option, currently not offered by any other ad-plugin, is cache-busting. To keep load times as low as possible, there are several caching plugins you could use next to our serverside caching. This caching can, however, stand in the way of individualising your ads like recognizing monitor size. Advanced Ads excludes functions it needs from cache, so caching doesn’t have to be globally deactivated. This means you can improve performance of your ads without compromising on your page speed.

Advanced Ads is compatible with all network- and parterprograms like Google Adsense, Amazon or Clickbank. For Adsense, a seperate menu allows you to add ad codes to your ads via the backend.

Advanced Ads Pro

You can extend the plugin with add-ons, for example for tracking ads or making use of new formats like responsive and sticky ads. A pro license allows you to shows ads on more locations on your WordPress-site.

Ad Grids, which shows your ads as a block on your site, are possible as well. A wizard helps you with this, no development knowledge is required of you.

With the pro version, you also get a testing functionality, which allows you to explore where on your site the highest conversion rate can be achieved with your ads.

If you’re seriously trying to monetize your website with ads, Advanced Ads definitely offers you a great tool to do so. It even offers its own support, regardless whether you’re using the free or the paid version. Savvii-customers can make use of our exclusive 10% discount via our admin panel.

If you’re not a customer yet, first migrate your site(s) to one of our hosting plans. Contact us or simply call us on (+31) 024 820 00 00 if you have any further questions!

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