Here is how to attract webshop customers during the holiday season

Milou de Kleijn, November 27, 2017

The winter holiday period is a golden time for webshops. Even people who would normally not behave like fanatical shoppers suddenly start looking for the perfect Christmas gifts. According to a study conducted by the American National Retail Foundation, people are spending more and more during the holidays and online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. What is the best way to attract potential customers online? In this article, we will show you how the holidays can help you increase the revenue of your WooCommerce webshop.

More revenue growth for webshops

Figures from Statistics Netherlands demonstrate that webshops play an increasingly important role in the modern retail sector. Webshops without a physical store generally achieve a much higher revenue growth rate than other types of stores. During the first eleven months of 2016, the revenue of webshops without a physical store grew at an average rate of 23%, compared to that same period in 2015.

The revenue of webshops that also have a physical store increased at a slightly lower rate (14.9%) during that same period. Nevertheless, the online component brings in an ever-increasing share of the total revenue of these stores as well. It is clear that customers’ growing preference for online shopping offers a ton of potential revenue during the holiday period. Luckily, there are quite a few concrete strategies that allow you to significantly increase the revenue of your WooCommerce webshop in the period leading up to and during the holidays. We will list the most important strategies for you below.


1. Promote gifts for the holiday season

Successful sales during the holidays start with the right preparation. The first step of this process is to set up your webshop correctly. You can create temporary categories and product lists that present gift ideas for various target groups, for instance products for him and her and gifts that are tailored specifically to mums and dads. You can also rotate the items, so different items are placed in the limelight at different times. This keeps visitors curious about your webshop and makes them keep coming back to see what is new. It is a good idea to set up your WooCommerce webshop to take full advantage of the upcoming holidays.

2. Use the WooCommerce Wishlists feature

With the WooCommerce Wishlists extension, you can create a high level of product personalisation. WooCommerce Wishlists lets customers and visitors create their own wishlists. These lists are based on individual customer preferences, they can be stored for a period of up to thirty days and customers can share their list with family and friends. Studies show that this kind of product personalisation leads to a higher conversion rate. Customers like to see webshops take their individual preferences into account. The ability to share the wishlist also allows you to use the WooCommerce Wishlist to attract new potential customers.

Use the features of WooCommerce Wishlists

The extra features and options make WooCommerce Wishlists an exceptionally versatile and user-friendly extension. The following properties of Wishlists can be used to reach out to new customers:

  • Non-registered customers can create their own wishlists and save them for up to thirty days. Because of this feature, customers are more likely to come back to your webshop to continue shopping. Registered customers can even save their wishlists indefinitely;
  • The extension allows for an unlimited number of wishlists, for example lists for special occasions such as the holidays, personal product overviews or shareable wishlists. This is the perfect way to tailor your product range to a special occasion;
  • The wishlists can be shared via a wide range of social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This makes it even easier for you to attract new customers with your webshop.


3. Offer an excellent customer experience

Because there are so many webshops out there, customers highly value extra flexibility and high-quality service. Customer experience is the magic term. By giving people something extra now and then, you can turn regular customers into loyal fans of your webshop.

You might, for example, decide to waive the shipping costs for orders placed during the holiday period, offer customers a discount when they exceed a minimum purchase amount or temporarily extend your return period. By offering people an optimal customer experience, they are much more likely to come back to your WooCommerce webshop in the future!

Make the order process easy and quick

Speed, stability and usability are essential elements that contribute to an optimal customer experience. Especially during the holidays, it is important to make sure that your order process proceeds without a hitch. Modern internet shoppers demand quick loading times and do not want to go through a lengthy order process or one that does not work properly. When preparing and setting up your webshop for the holidays, it is important to also check the speed and stability of your webshop during peak times. It is vital to have an excellent hosting partner.

Additionally, you should make sure that it is easy for customers to complete their order. Visitors have a better customer experience if they quickly receive confirmation that their order was successfully placed. A smooth checkout process and a rapid order confirmation definitely contribute to an optimal order process.

Send out additional emails and newsletters

It never hurts to increase the amount of emails you send out during the holidays, for example by sending your customers more newsletters than usual. Send out custom offers and point customers towards products that would be perfect for them. You can make your newsletters even more successful by adding a degree of urgency to your message. Think of such phrases as “the last chance to take advantage of these special Christmas offers” or “order now to receive your products in time for Christmas.” This is a great way to get potential customers to take action quickly.

4. Collaborate with a charity

Many organisations give to charity during the holidays. By involving customers in a charity, you can reap even more benefits; you increase your conversion rate and your webshop’s revenue and you contribute more to charity at the same time. One way to do this is by donating 5-10% of the sales revenue earned during a certain period to charity. Furthermore, you can collaborate with a charity’s promotion team to create crossover campaigns. During such a campaign, you use as many channels and types of media as possible to spread your message. Be sure to choose a charity that matches your webshop and your audience.

5. Host competitions

Competitions are another excellent promotional tool for your webshop to generate more revenue during the holidays. One example is a photo contest that combines the Christmas spirit and your product range. You can ask customers to submit a fun Christmas picture in which they use a product from your webshop in a creative manner. As a platform, you can use a special hashtag on Twitter or a photo album on Facebook. In exchange for their participation, you can let the winner(s) pick out a free item from your webshop or give them a voucher or a nice discount.


As you can see, there are plenty of tactics and strategies that you can use to boost your webshop’s revenue during the holidays. The most important thing to remember is to offer a positive customer experience. Product personalisation, speed and an easy order process are essential. You should also devote enough time to the details and finishing touches. You can add even more value to your webshop by cleverly incorporating the latest events and festivities. If you want to know how you can optimise your webshop even further and make clever use of the results of previous years, feel free to get in touch with us for some advice.

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