What should I consider when choosing a hosting partner?

Robert-Jan Budding, December 11, 2017

You work for, or are the owner of a company that develops websites – so you probably understand how important it is for those websites to be fast, secure and reliable. You can develop an appealing website, but if it goes down often, or loading time is longer than three seconds, your client will not be happy. Many agencies or developers therefore opt to work with a hosting provider, ensuring that the website’s hosting is effective. But how do you choose the right hosting partner? This article tells you what to consider.

Know yourself (and your hosting partner)

Hosting is a complex business. You have managed or unmanaged, VPS or shared, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), control panels, etcetera. But what is best for your company? To make the right choice, you need to start by considering the following questions:

  • What is my vision? What do I want to achieve with my business?
  • What am I good at? What are my core competencies?
  • Who are my clients? What are their needs?
  • What does the market in which I operate look like?
  • How can I distinguish myself from competitors?
  • How do I provide my services to my clients?
  • What are the costs and potential profits?

These are all essential questions for a company to ask. You will often already have an idea, or will have raised and answered such questions within your organisation. Have you not done this yet?  Alexander Osterwalder’s business model canvas gives you a very good framework for getting started.

Why do we advise looking at this before you make a choice? Because you want your hosting partner to suit your business model.

That means, for example, that the partner’s pricing model is in line with what you offer: For example, do you provide higher volumes at lower costs, and thus for lower prices? Then your partner must be able to manage this. Or, do you distinguish yourself by offering your clients a comprehensive service? Then make sure your partner offers a correspondingly comprehensive SLA, so that your clients get the service they expect on all fronts.

The right match

Now that you know what is important to you and to your clients, you can make the right choice. Make sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do the objectives of both organisations correspond?
  • Does the partner focus on a similar target group?
  • Are the mission, vision and objectives described clearly?
  • Does the partner have the right competencies for achieving their objectives?

There are also other environmental variables you need to consider. For example, the method of communication. Is appropriate training given internally and externally? How does the partner manage conflicts and incidents? Investigate the quality of support too, because it will be important to you, as well as your clients!

Fifty shades

Savvii helps you make the choice with our ’Fifty Shades of Savvii’ summary. In it, we give you at least 50 reasons that demonstrate why Savvii is suitable for your organisation. For example, there are 10 ways you can contact us, we are ISO certified, and thanks to our focus on technology, we provide top quality hosting.

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