Contributor Day [WCEU 2019 Recap]

Leonie, July 12, 2019

As a managed WordPress hosting company, we take any chance we can to indulge ourselves in anything WordPress related. Of course, WCEU is always on the agenda! Savvii owes its very existence to WordPress, so naturally we try to support the surrounding community the best we can. We help out organising WordCamps (like this gem in our hometown of Nijmegen), make donations every now and then (supporting this guy raising money for DonateWC, for instance) and aim to share our knowledge and insights with other WordPress enthusiasts. That’s why we chose to sign up for Contributor Day, that took place right before the actual conference. 25 Make WordPress teams, including 4 dedicated Savviistas.

Make WordPress

Contributor Days revolve around Make WordPress. Anybody who wants to participate is welcome and all kinds of skills can be put to use. It showed at the conference rooms at the Estrell Congress Center, where 37 team leads welcomed over 500 volunteers that split up into 25 teams. Colourful balloons attached to power strips on tables lured attendees over, pointing them not only to endless battery life but also defining the topic that would be discussed at each table. As a first-timer, I decided the Community team would offer me a good opportunity to learn more about how people are involved with WordPress. Also, I wanted to discover what this community spirit of openness, inclusiveness and sharing was all about.

So I found my corner with blue balloons, leading me to the Community team. I wasn’t the only newbie present, and I was really happy when my team leader Rocío Valdivia showed up. She made sure everyone felt comfortable and helped us get started with the projects available. I decided to review the WordCamp Organizer Handbook, along with other non-native English speakers. As a global movement, WordPress wants to be as accessible as possible. And they’re getting there! I had the opportunity to work with people from South-Africa, Turkey, Spain and Poland. We focused on ‘difficult’ English, meaning the unnecessary use of figurative speech and slang, for instance. Bits of the document in need of attention were marked, so others could rewrite the pieces that might be too difficult to understand. Of course it’s a ton of work to review all handbooks, since there are quite a few available. But I was happy that I was able to work through several chapters. It’s baby steps, but working together will get the job done!

Community Value

While working on our project, a German guy joined us at the table. He was completely new to WordPress, managed to get a ticket off a friend, and needed help designing a website. He explained to me he recently started a new non-profit organization and he hoped to get his website up and running as soon as possible. Although he wasn’t exactly looking in the right place, the more experienced people at my table offered him all the help he needed. Right down to the very first basic settings, which he had overlooked in his enthusiasm. The community values put into practice!

WCEU – the movie

At the end of the day, all team leaders shared their progress. Check this page to see what exactely everyone else has been working on. Also, make sure you watch the After Movie of WCEU. The first thirty seconds will give you a quick impression of what Contributor Day is like. Including yours truly at 0:22! Now if all this doesn’t excite you to join in next year, I don’t know what will.

See you next year?

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