Create & restore backups [New Feature]

Benoit Gütz, September 9, 2016

Savvii has a new feature: create & restore backups, right from your control panel! Of course, we already make daily backups of your site(s) at Savvii. In addition, you could create a snapshot backup and request us to restore it. However, as of now, you can restore backups yourself through our Control Panel.

create & restore backups

Backup list

All backups of your site(s) can be found in the control panel – both automatic backups as well as self-created snapshot backups. A backup can contain several parts of your site. A complete backup contains the code, the database and the uploads-directory. Clicking on Info next to a backup will show you the parts inside.



To create a backup, click Create snapshot backup. A pop-up with relevant information will show up. Next, you can start creation of the backup. The state of the backup can be found in the overview. Also, you’ll receive an email as soon as the backup is finished. This backup always contains all parts of your site.


There are two ways of restoring a backup:

  • Restoring a complete backup of a defined moment

To do this, click on Restore at the backup you want to restore in the list. All parts of the site that this backup contains will be restored.

  • Restoring a partial or combined backup (advanced)

Click on Restore backup (advanced) at the top right. Through the advanced options, you can choose to restore only the code, the database and/or the uploads-directory. You can also restore these three parts combined from different backups.

Under the tab Restores List, an overview of recently restored backups can be found. It contains a list of backups restored in the past 2 weeks and by whom.


At Savvii, we’re constantly trying to improve our services. Keep an eye on our blog to stay up-to-date. Do you have ideas for further improvements we could implement? We’d be happy to hear from you!

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