Growth and internationalization of Savvii

Benoit Gütz, May 17, 2016

In October of 2013, we launched Savvii in the Netherlands and welcomed our first customers. Since then, we are continuously growing, improving our platform and hiring new colleagues. Currently we are the biggest Managed WordPress hosting company in Europe and we are attracting a growing number of international clients. Our aim is to be the best WordPress hosting company in Europe and right now we are especially focusing on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

In recent months, we have worked hard on improving the Savvii experience for our international customers. It was time to open new communication channels in different languages and translate and improve the already existing ones. In this blog post you will find an overview of the things we did to help you out in your preferred language.

Knowledge Base
All the articles at were available in Dutch and most of them were also available in English. Our German and English speaking colleagues translated the articles. We are proud to say that all the articles are now available in Dutch, English and German.

Control panel
We added the German language to our control panel. In both our control panels, there is a simple switch in the upper right corner to change the language to German, English or Dutch.

Social media
We launched a new Twitter account (@Savvii) for our English speaking followers. German speakers can follow us on Twitter at the @SavviiDE account and we still have the @SavviiHQ account for the Dutch.

We also started posting on Facebook in these three languages and we created an account on the networking platform Xing, next to our LinkedIn page.

As you can imagine, our team is growing and right now we are searching for new colleagues as well. We are hiring for the jobs ‘German Support Specialist’ and ‘German Account manager’. Read the job descriptions, join our team and help us conquer the German markets!

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