How to choose the best WordPress developer for your site

Milou de Kleijn, March 16, 2018

Building a successful website in WordPress can be a difficult task. It is an essential one though. A good website is the face of your company, brand or service and should get the attention it deserves. Apart from that, managing a high-quality website is not a one-time project but a continuous stretch. Choosing a knowledgeable WordPress developer is the first step towards creating a top-notch website. In this article, we will help you choose the best website developer by going over a couple of important questions that will guide you towards making the right choice.

WordPress developer

1. Is the company open about the pricing structure?

The features and functionalities of your WordPress website are partially determined by your financial resources. If you want to keep a financial overview, it is important to ask the website developer of your choice how he bases his pricing. The pricing structure of web design often varies strongly among companies. Does the firm work with flat-fees based on the specific project? Or does the developer charge a fixed monthly or hourly fee for his activities? You should of course request a quotation that determines the costs of the first couple of steps. But you must also make plans for the long term. Be sure to ask what kind of budget is needed to manage and maintain your website over the years.

2. Does the web developer respond quickly?

The responsiveness of the web builder or developing company is also an important factor when it comes to choosing the right developer for your WordPress website. This applies to the development phase, but also to the period that follows the actual launch of your website. Are e-mails and phone calls answered the same day or even within the hour? Or do you often have to wait several days before receiving a reply? And how much time does it take to fix problems? The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the reliability and professionality of the web developer. Does it take the web developer a lot of time to answer your questions or tackle problems when you are still a prospect instead of a paying customer? In that case, do not expect things to get much better anytime soon…

3. What is the level of expertise?

A flashy website and a lot of smooth talks don’t always equal quality and expertise. Sometimes having a small amount of extra knowledge in comparison to the random layman can wake the experience of true expertise. Don’t be fooled and always make sure that you pick a web developer who possesses true in-depth knowledge and craftmanship. Research the credentials and track record of companies and check if the expertise of the staff and employees is kept up to date. Are they certified? Are the web developers recognized as authorities within their field of expertise? Are the they keeping their skills and knowledge up to date by following web seminars and visiting important trade events? What complementary skills do they bring to the table? How long has the firm been in business and can it provide references? And can the web developer provide examples of websites he has made?

4. Does the web developer pay attention to your wishes?

Good web developers possess the ability to listen to their clients. Does the developer ask the right questions? And does he use the feedback he gets to find the solution that fits your wishes and goals best? Such a mode of operation means that the web developer, by giving clear explanations and offering transparency, also informs you about wrong choices and certain (technical) impossibilities.

5. How is the company organized?

The size and organization of the firm are also important if you are planning to use the services of a certain web developing company. In terms of size, big and small both have their pros and cons. Typically, the bigger the firm the more expensive the service and the more impersonal the contact. But size also has certain advantages. If one employee at a large firm has a family emergency or calls in sick, there are other workers available to pick up the slack and keep your website running smoothly. But the most important thing is the presence of a mutual click and a correlation between the modus operandi of the web developer and your personal preferences. Is there a central point of contact? Is there a project manager who supervises the project as a whole? Can you easily get hold of important persons within the company or does fixing a problem or getting a reply often require long and tedious telephone sessions with an anonymous helpdesk? Asking yourself these kinds of questions will show you if there is a match between you and the web developer.

6. Does the web developer have a continuously proactive attitude?

Being a website owner it is also wise to pay attention to the degree of proactiveness that a web developing party displays. Does he come up with interesting and cool ideas that work over time and take your website to the next level? It’s perfectly fine to ask a web developer which strategies he intends to use to guarantee a high level of commitment and proactiveness in the long run. A proactive mindset, combined with a thorough website maintenance plan, is key to the ongoing success and development of your website.

7. Which specializations and complementary skills does the web developer offer?

Fine-tuning a WordPress website to your very specific needs and wishes often requires a tailor-made approach towards web building. Therefore, it is important to know which specialized skills a web developer brings to the table. Does the web developer write his own plugins? Is he familiar with testing, device checks and bug fixing? Does he acknowledge the potential and effectiveness of WordPress as an application or campaigning tool?

It is also important to find out how a web developer handles issues that are beyond his realm of direct expertise. Hosting is a good example, because this aspect of web developing is often seen as a discipline in its own right. Good web developers readily cooperate with other skilled specialists and ideally maintain an extensive network of fellow professionals.

8. What happens if you switch to another web developer?

Switching web developers can be quite difficult and laborious. It will take the new developing firm some time to get to know the ins and outs of your current website solutions and provide the best possible support. Web developers can make the transition process easier by using universal software and allowing you to move everything if you make the switch to another party. Does a company use its own in-house content management system? Be wary, because this often means you have to build your whole website from scratch again if you decide to make the switch to a different web developer.


With so many options for web design companies, determining which one is the right fit for your business can be quite an overwhelming task. Going through and answering the aforementioned questions will make the selection process a little easier. Keep focusing on your personal goals and desires and compare them with the profiles, qualifications and track records of several web developers. By doing this, the chances of finding the perfect match will greatly increase! Is your website finished? Contact us to arrange your hosting! 

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