In the Spotlight: Utrecht WordPress agency Simplefly

Robert-Jan Budding, December 6, 2018

In the series “In the Spotlight”, we ask a number of reliable WordPress development parties and Savvii clients at what they excel. We hope to help people in their search for a WordPress specialist of their choice and at the same time, we give developers a sneak peek of each other’s work.

This edition discusses WordPress agency Simplefly from Utrecht. We spoke to owner Joram Dees. Read the other installments of this series as well.

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Who is Simplefly

Simplefly is an internet agency from Utrecht. Since its foundation in 2011, we are specialized in creating solutions with WordPress. We support organizations from A to Z in designing, realizing, and continuously developing their website(s) and application(s).

Our clients are situated at the top of the WordPress market. This means that we often develop large websites or webshops. That is why we do a lot of customization for our clients, with own designs of course.

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How did you end up building WordPress sites?

We have already been developing with WordPress from the start, back when we still worked for smaller clients. In the beginning we often used Drupal for larger projects. Because of the development of WordPress, the use of Drupal was no longer necessary. On top of that, we believe in focus.

Actually, we immediately saw the flexibility and the possibilities of WordPress, even though the platform for corporate applications was still in its infancy. You could say that we have matured together.

You focus on sustainability, where can your clients see that?

We try to make all of our decisions and processes as sustainable as possible. For this, we believe that people are the most important factor for sustainable success. That is why we believe it is very important to invest in people, whether this is about employees, clients, or suppliers.

We look at the long-term when recruiting people. We try to select suppliers based on the sustainable character of the supplier as much as possible, but quality does still remain our number one priority.

Almost all of our clients come from this region, Utrecht. We actively recruit for that. We think it is very important to conduct business locally. This way we strengthen the local economy.

We are the founders of Utrecht Made, a local production network, that helps entrepreneurs grow by promoting local products. That is also how we make a very tangible contribution to the subject of sustainability.

We try to make our purchases locally as much as possible, fairtrade and biological. We pay attention to whether we really need something or not.

In the past, we also regularly organized activities during the Day of Sustainability.

Why do your clients choose Simplefly specifically?

Quality, attention, and active thinking along. What our clients want first and foremost is a good website or application. That remains the main focus.

Our pursuit of a more sustainable world attracts a lot of clients as well. They too see that they can contribute more to this, and still being able to maintain a healthy financial management.

Who is your ideal client

We are not looking for the traditional client/supplier relationship, we really try to enter a partnership. Companies chose us because of our vision. We prefer to work with clients who, just like us, find their online activities important. They understand that that includes a certain budget and work process.

We strive for an equal relationship and go quite far in that. You can see that in other revenue models for example. We have agreed on a performance-based model with a webshop and we entered into a very intensive collaboration. At this moment, you could almost call that a joint venture. We do the marketing, management, and development; they do the products. That way you can share effort and success with each other. We also tend to work on subscription basis more and more, in addition to the traditional hour model. We notice that there is an increasing demand for alternative billing models.

What does your workflow look like?

Simplefly is both a technical and a design agency. We try to find the ideal middle ground in this. In every project, the design – and then I am mainly talking about user experience – is central. We pay a lot of time and attention to this.

To do this properly, we developed our own model, based on the Business Canvas Model of Alex Osterwalder. We use this model to make the ‘why’, the goals, the target audience, and so on for the client crystal clear. For this, we start with the user of the website: Which UX is best for the user? What do you eventually want your user to do?

It has to be very clear what the business model of your website is. That is why a designer will be present from the very first meetings. This way, there is a much better picture of what needs to appear on the screen in the end. An additional advantage is that we do not need to make three designs first that a client has to choose from: We immediately build the best solution. Furthermore, the technique is crucial too. But we believe that technique should serve the user. So in fact, design and UX make a full circle there.

You have been working with Savvii for a number of years now. What do you like most about the partnership?

Performance is very important to us. A website can be as well-constructed as it is, if it is not fast or worse, not available, your hard work does not pay off. That is perfectly organized at Savvii. Your solutions are of high quality and very stable.

We also appreciate the quick shifting. If something goes wrong sometimes, it is picked up very fast. Savvii is open and honest. Even if there is a problem on your side, there is no beating around the bush. Unfortunately, we have had different experiences in the past.

Other agencies also think working with us is the smart thing to do. Want to know why working together with Savvii is a smart idea?

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