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Milou de Kleijn, September 4, 2017

WordPress sites are growing in popularity; there are hundreds of popular blogs currently running on the system. Renowned corporations are also choosing this CMS with more frequency. Still, many people continue to see WordPress as a less than professional system that, while suitable for bloggers and smaller companies, offers too little in the way of security and technical possibilities to be of interest to large organisations. However, in practice, the opposite has shown to be true. In this article we will explain why WordPress is also a viable option for larger companies and we will list some of the largest WordPress sites.

WordPress Myths

WordPress is often surrounded by a cloud of doubts that have mostly arisen from misunderstandings. The system is said to be poorly secured and contains suspicious plug-ins that are susceptible to hacks. It’s also been said that WordPress websites have limited possibilities for the development and building of custom websites. All in all: WordPress is only suitable for small or midsized companies. Quite the opposite is true however. In recent years, WordPress has developed into a full-fledged and mature CMS with a wealth of possibilities. Large corporations such as CNN, UPS, Bloomberg, The Walt Disney Company and Sony are all running on WordPress and the list continues to grow.

https vaultSecurity

Because WordPress is the most popular open source system for website management, there will always be a chance of finding an unsafe site amongst the masses. Still, the assumed vulnerability of WordPress is grossly exaggerated: if the WordPress construction is established according to security best practices and plug-ins are correctly and regularly maintained, the risk of encountering an unsecure situation will be significantly decreased. In addition, there are plenty of tools available for monitoring the security of a WordPress website.

The possibilities of WordPress

Although WordPress started as a blog tool, the perception that it is still limited to use by bloggers is outdated. E-commerce, vibrant forums, campaign sites, polls … the modern WordPress offers more possibilities than one would think.  The idea that all WordPress sites look alike is also inaccurate. When you have a WordPress website developed, it is certainly not limited to run-of-the-mill layouts. Each website has a theme that dictates the graphic structure of the website. You can purchase a standard WordPress theme but you can also have one developed. If you choose to have a custom WordPress theme made, the graphic design possibilities are endless.

Largest WordPress sites

The fact that WordPress also offers interesting opportunities for large companies can best be illustrated with a list of the largest websites running on the CMS. Some examples are:

  • This is Finland
  • Glamour Italy
  • Sweden’s Offical Website
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Sony Music
  • MTV News
  • Microsoft News Center
  • Usain Bolt
  • The Walking Dead

Each of these sites attracts thousands of visitors each day and boast a vast number of features beyond standard text and photos. In addition, they don’t struggle with the rumoured WordPress limitations.

Benefits of a WordPress site for your company

Why should companies consider making WordPress their CMS of choice? WordPress has a number of features that lend a high level of flexibility, speed and ease of use to the platform. Here is a list of the most significant advantages:

  • Low start-up and development costs: The foundation of WordPress is already completely developed and ready for use while the code has been continuously used, tested and improved over the past few years. The result: minimal development work and a system that allows you to launch a website within in few weeks.
  • Easily adjust content: WordPress is formed in a way that enables all users with access to the website to add and change content in a user-friendly way. Web editors, PR advisors and journalists can hit the ground running. You are therefore no longer dependant on a website builder when conducting changes to your website. This is an important advantage for a company that must continuously adapt to market trends and respond to client behaviour.
  • WordPress is in constant development: WordPress is a flexible platform that is in a constant state of development. The system is continuously improved by thousands of developers testing new ideas, making new plug-ins and translating new consumer wishes into effective software. These novelties and innovative developments are available at no cost which means that you can efficiently optimise your website for a minimal investment. All WordPress websites were recently equipped with a Rest API so that you can easily link this to your own systems or apps.
  • Broad selection of developers: A high number of web developers have good understanding of WordPress. Are you using WordPress? You’ll likely be able to find a web builder or organisation that forms a perfect match with your company.

Savvii and WordPress

So we’ve seen that WordPress isn’t just a fun platform for bloggers and small organisations but also a good CMS for larger organisations. One condition is that you enlist the right experts by choosing a professional development team and a good hosting provider. Would you like to learn more about WordPress sites and the various opportunities provided by CMS? Feel free to contact Savvii – we offer managed WordPress hosting. This includes daily scans, automatic updates, CDN, NGINX and Varnish. A range of tools that contribute to a faster and safer site! Savvii also has extensive experience with the hosting of larger WordPress sites, making us a trusted partner.


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