Leverage Browser Caching for WordPress websites

Maik Gruppen, September 3, 2018

Does Google suggest that you should “leverage browser caching” for your WordPress site, but you don’t know how to proceed? No worries. Maik will show you exactly how you can resolve this.

What does leverage browser caching mean?

  • “Browser caching” means that when a user visits your site, files need to be stored on the user’s computer.
  • “Leverage” means that the web designer has set the site to instruct browsers on how to handle files.
Google's PageSpeed Insights Rules says you should Leverage Browser Caching

Google has several suggestions for improving your site.

Why is this useful?

When a browser displays your site, additional files are loaded, for example, your logo, CSS files, and other files. If you use browser caching, your website files are stored in the browser cache. This reduces the loading times of your site for returning users.

Because the files have already been downloaded by the browser, they do not need to be downloaded again. Users do therefore not have to wait for all files to be downloaded again when they click a link to another page of your site.

How to use browser caching

When you test your site for speed and you get a message recommending that you leverage browser caching, follow these steps:

  • Change the request header of your files to allow the files to be cached.
  • Optimise your caching strategy.

Browser caching with Savvii

If your site is on our platform, you do not need to do anything. We have already set browser caching for you. You do not need to change these settings. In order to ensure WordPress stays fast, we have made the correct settings on the server. It is therefore not necessary to use a special plug-in to benefit from browser caching.

Browser caching with WordPress plug-ins

Two of the most popular plug-ins for correctly setting browser caching for your WordPress site are WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache.

We have created separate manuals for these two plug-ins:

Because we at Savvii manage the browser caching settings at a higher level, it is important that you use the correct settings to speed up your WordPress site.

Browser caching in WordPress without plug-ins

The most common reason why you get a warming is that no expiry date has been set. What makes things difficult is that the correct settings differ by server. If you use incorrect settings, there is a risk that your site will no longer work. For this reason, I recommend that you ask your hosting party to set browser caching for your site. You can use the following example text:

Dear hoster,
When I test the speed of my site, I get a message that I need to “leverage browser caching”.
Can you please configure this for my server?
Best regards, NAME

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