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Puck, 27 September 2022

Perhaps you yourself are a developer working with Magento or you have a webshop running on Magento 2. In this blog we take a brief look at the platforms where you, as a Dutch Magento user, can go to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. 

Magento in the Netherlands  

Magento has had a large market share in the Netherlands for years. Not surprising given the long existence of the program. We have already talked several times about the power behind this program, but not yet about the community in the Netherlands. Since many Dutch shops run on Magento, there are also quite a few developers specializing in this platform. There are several forums focused on the Dutch market but also separate communities that focus on maintaining and developing the Dutch part of the community.   

These forums and communities are mainly useful for Open Source users since support will mainly come from the community. For Magento users of Adobe Commerce, this can still be useful to stay up-to-date with new developments. However, not all questions can be solved in the community, as a Commerce user you will have to contact Adobe itself. 


The community page of Magento has a separate forum for Dutch users. The questions asked here are mostly in Dutch. You therefore have the opportunity to ask questions or contribute to answering questions yourself. Furthermore, you can find all questions in the community page sorted by topic.   


On Adobe’s DevDocs page you can find the new releases and patches. Here are the release notes of all Magento versions, both Open Source and Commerce. For each release, you will find what will change and what you need to take into account. 


There are several courses, workshops and trainings to be found online. Several sites offer these courses, so there are many course materials available. A good example of such a site is Yireo. This Dutch company offers in-depth courses for anyone who wants to learn more about Magento but also other platforms like Shopware.   

Another platform where a lot of content can be found regarding learning and developing in Magento is Mage2 TV, a platform where for a competitive price you can take out a monthly subscription and make use of different material online including videos with clear explanations. 


For further developments and to stay informed, you can always look for talk shows about Magento. For example, watch YouTube or search for podcasts. A well-known podcast about Magento is Magetalk, for instance, where the latest news about Magento is discussed in a light-hearted way.  

Dutch users are well represented on the various forums. Still, besides Magento’s community page and the podcasts and YouTube videos, there is much to be found in terms of Dutch Magento communities. For example, there is Dutchento, one of the most well-known Dutch Magento communities. Among other things, they have a podcast, organize events but also offer Dutch extensions for Magento.  

Hopefully by reading this blog, you’ve already gotten a better idea of the big world behind Magento. And you hopefully now know better where to stay up-to-date with the latest news and latest techniques of Magento.  

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Puck Lamée

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