Make money with our Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate program

Benoit Gütz, March 22, 2016

Are you interested in earning money with our Managed WordPress Hosting affiliate program? That’s now possible! We’ll explain how in this article. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing which allows you to earn money as a site owner by promoting companies (advertisers). In return you receive fees for reaching a predetermined goal. An affiliate places an advertiser’s ad on his site. For example, an affiliate could be a comparison site or blog site. These parties receive fees when a specific goal is achieved by a visitor of their website.

What kind of goals?

An advertiser can aim for one or multiple goals in the affiliate marketing campaign. There are four different goals:

CPV (cost per view)
The advertiser pays each time an ad is viewed.

CPC (cost per click)
The advertiser pays for each time an ad is clicked.

CPL (cost per lead)
The advertiser pays for each time a lead is generated by the affiliate. For example, a lead can be filling out a contact form, downloading a white paper or a subscription to the newsletter.

CPS (cost per sale)
The advertiser pays for each time a sale is made. This is the most common goal, because it generates immediate profits.

Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate program

When you start promoting managed WordPress hosting as an affiliate, you sign up for an affiliate campaign of the advertiser. You can do this by joining an affiliate network or signing up directly with an advertiser. By joining an affiliate network, you have direct access to many different advertisers through a single control panel. However, advertisers can often offer higher fees if no affiliate network is used as intermediary.
You have access to the advertiser’s promotion material once your application has been approved. Normally there are several links, banners and logos available. When a visitor clicks on an ad, he will be directed to the website of the advertiser via a tracking link. If the visitor then orders a product, this conversion will be registered in the affiliate system (CPS). The type of goal determines when a conversion is registered.

The conversions is often registered with the use of cookie tracking. This means that a cookie will be placed in your browser, once a visitor clicks on the ad on your website. The so-called ‘cookie time’ determines how much time is allowed between clicking on the ad and completing the goal. If the cookie time is for example 20 days, and a visitor orders a product 22 days after he clicked on the ad, the conversion will not be registered.

Reselling Managed WordPress Hosting 

Savvii affiliate program

With our affiliate program you could earn money based on CPS. Our cookie time is 30 days. We use affiliate software from Tradedoubler, but we do not use their network. This is why we can offer you relative high fees.

Do you have a business or website about WordPress, web development and/or hosting and do you want to earn extra money? Then start promoting Managed WordPress Hosting through our affiliate program. With our affiliate program you can easily earn fees by promoting Savvii on your website or by your customers. For more information check our affiliate page or sign up directly for the program.

Do you have a website on another topic and do you want to make money with it? Then check if there are relevant advertisers connected with known affiliate networks like TradeDoubler, Zanox, Daisycon or Tradetracker.

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