Migrating to Savvii: that too is #NoMore­WordStress

Robert-Jan Budding, December 3, 2018

Migrating your website can be a headache. You want to move your website to a new hosting provider, but that means transferring lots of data. And downtime is unacceptable! Thankfully, there is nothing to worry when you migrate to Savvii.

We know our self how important a smooth migration is, so we built the perfect companion: The Savvii Migrate plugin. Best of all: It’s easy, fast and completely free!

Stress-free migration

When you’ve made the smart decision to join us, we’ll send you an email with the login details to an empty WordPress instance. With this instance you have two options:

  1. Start from a blank canvas
  2. Migrate your old site(s) automatically

If you want to start a new site or rebuild an old site from scratch, choose option 1. Of course, migrating old data is not needed. If you still want to transfer some, (but not all), old data just use the secure sFTP technique. Read more on how to use sFTP on our support pages.

When you choose the second option, a few things will happen. First, we make a copy of your current site. Then we move that data securely to your new hosting package. We’ve set up a temporary domain so you can review the new site.

When everything looks fine and you changed what you needed to change, you point your current domain name to our servers and then wait until the DNS is propagated. During the process, it is possible that visitors see your site from either the previous hosting or Savvii, but downtime won’t happen. Afterward, your site is only visible via the Savvii servers. Tip: Flush your browser cache via Shift-F5. This way you always have the latest data.

That’s it: your old site is offline and your website is now hosted via Savvii. And don’t forget: the data is still stored on the servers of your previous provider, so choose what you want to do with it.

One thing you need to know: It is possible to get a server without WordPress pre-installed. You won’t be able to use the migration plugin, because it specifically looks for an installed WordPress instance. Migration is done manually in that case. Need help with the migration? Contact support and we’ll help you to get your site up-and-running.

How easy is it?

To get your WordPress-site to our platform, you need a few pieces of information. Before starting, prepare the following:

  • Your email address
  • The destination site domain
  • The sFTP login details we sent you

The destination URL is the temporary domain we send you in the welcome mail, normally something like http://nlsomeword-otherword.savviihq.com. The sFTP details consist of three parts: hostname, username, and password. You need all three, also to be found in the welcome mail.

After you’ve collected the information it is time to download the plugin. Take these steps to get it:

  • Go to the plugin menu of your WordPress site and press ‘Add New’
  • Search for Savvii Migrate and the result will be our plugin
  • Download, activate and click on the newly added Savvii Migrate menu, at the bottom of the menu

You’re almost done! Fill in the information in the corresponding fields, hit ‘Migrate’ et voila! After some time depending on the size of your site, your website is migrated. You’ll get an email with further information. This normally doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

For more information please check the article “How to migrate my site”.

Migration service

Do you have special requests or do you have many sites that need to be migrated at once or in batches? No worries, we got you covered! Sit back and let our engineers do their magic. Your site will be up and running on Savvii servers without you having to do a thing. Want to know more? Just send us an email and we will explain everything.

So, as you can see, migrating to Savvii is super easy and more importantly super safe. When you’re done migrating and testing, just change your DNS and you’ll understand what we mean with No More WordStress!

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