Optimal security for your WordPress website with Security Plus

Milou de Kleijn, January 26, 2018

In our blog article about securing your WordPress website, we provided some tips on how to secure your website. There is always room for improvement though. That is why we have updated our Security Plus Package. With this package, we will take additional security measures at the website level in addition to our standard security at the hosting level (daily malware scans, Brute Force prevention, a firewall and automatic updates). If you want to know more about the concrete benefits of this package for your WordPress website, read on! 

1. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

We use the Web Application Firewall by Sucuri to filter out all dangerous requests before they ever reach your website. Setting up this firewall at the website level offers additional security options. For example, it is possible to block specific countries, and blacklists and whitelists can easily be managed.

2. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

The Intrusion Detection System filters out e.g. Black Hat SEO Spam injections. This means that someone posts a link to dubious websites that likely contain malware. When Google discovers your website contains Black Hat SEO, your website will be placed at the bottom of the search results or even deleted entirely from the list. Google wants to protect your website’s visitors from digital harm. Furthermore, specialised hacking attempts, as well as attacks by so-called script kiddies (unskilled hackers who use tools developed by others for their attacks), are automatically detected.

3. Extra scanning

Once a day, Savvii scans your website for malware and viruses. As part of the new Security Plus Package, we will conduct this scan as well as additional scans every three hours. We will quickly detect any malware that attempts to gain access to your server or website, and we can respond to any attacks much faster.

4. Monthly security report

We will send you a security report every month, which contains an overview of every threat we resolved. If you have any questions about your report, you can contact us.

Bonus: Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It is up to the web server to load a website. A Content Delivery Network loads your website’s static content. Because Sucuri has servers all over the world, your site’s static content will load from one of these servers. This will help make your website faster.

In addition to all these extras, our Security Plus Package offers you even more benefits:

  • Emergency DDoS protection. We detect DDoS attacks that attempt to render your website unusable;
  • Two extra malware clean-ups per year per website;
  • Monitoring of Blacklist, Whois, DNS and SSL;
  • Free installation and setup of the monitoring;
  • Communication with external parties handled by Savvii;
  • Audit trails;
  • Optional: “Verified by Sucuri” badge for your websites. This will help you create an even stronger sense of security among your visitors.

With these measures at the website level, we will know it right away if your WordPress website is threatened and we will take appropriate action quickly. We do not have to disturb you, so you can focus on your core business activities. If you want to know more about our rates and conditions, take a look at our complete Security Plus Package. 

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