Our short-lived HubSpot Service Hub experience

Flip Keijzer, March 11, 2019

Our plan

We use HubSpot as our CRM tool. It makes communicating with our customer base and our leads much easier. We use some integrations with other tools in our company. It all works seamlessly together.. we thought.

Our current situation

Our service portal is based on Freshdesk. An easy to use e-mail and chat tool to communicate with our customers. Communication about the issues they are experiencing and the help we are offering. We have no real beef with Freshdesk as a service tool. However, we do love the idea of one totally integrated system. One system for our sales team and our support team. A single place where everything comes together. Surely such a place would be beneficial for our clients as well! We’d have all information readily available, whenever we are in contact with each other.

Boy, were we forgetting something!

What happened

Last week we made the transfer from Freshdesk to HubSpot Service. We expected to have some issues along the way. And of course, we experienced those.
However, it took one of our clients to call us and point out the obvious to us: HubSpot does not offer a portal for clients to see their own tickets. Is that an issue? Yes, it is!

We are offering our services mainly to agencies and web builders. Clients who work with teams. Teams, that are picking up after each other. Teams, that need to be involved. Teams, who work together. Therefore they need insight into each other’s work. So, the portal to have an overview of your tickets is an important element in the service experience we offer.

What’s next

We decided this morning to switch back to Freshdesk. Customer experience is key so we should act accordingly. In the coming months, we will re-investigate our options and see, if getting everything in one place is do-able at the moment.

Learnings for the future

Although we did test the new service system with some clients, we should have spent more time on this. Inviting a larger group of customers to join in. So future changes will be done, just like changes on our platform, with substantial testing beforehand.

My apologies to anyone who experienced inconvenience as a result of this. Hopefully, other companies will be able to learn from our experience.

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