Important: After 19 October PHP 5.4 is no longer available

Benoit Gütz, September 19, 2016

To provide the safest possible environment, it is sometimes necessary to replace older software packages and to use newer versions. Best-case scenario would be to do this as quickly as possible after a new version is available. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. But now we really have to say goodbye to an older version of PHP, PHP5.4, in order to continue guaranteeing the security of your website. In this acticle we explain why.

Why do we upgrade now?
In a mail to a segment of our customers we have already announced that we have to upgrade PHP 5.4. We are always aiming to give you the safest environment possible for your website. The official support for PHP 5.4 has stopped since 3 September 2015. That is already over a year ago. So for PHP 5.4, no updates will be released to solve any security problems once they arise. Therefore we can no longer guarantee the safety of the environment in PHP version 5.4.

What will happen with websites running on PHP 5.4?
We will convert all websites in PHP 5.4 by 19 October 2016 to PHP version 5.6. If you still have websites running on PHP 5.4 you will be personally informed. We advise you to change the PHP version yourself at a convenient time to at least PHP 5.6, so you can check if your websites work properly with the new version. Please do this before 19 October. You can easily adjust your PHP version in our control panel. There is a small chance that your website will have some problems, so we encourage you to test your website yourself thoroughly.

We recommend keeping your websites updated as much as possible, because new versions provide almost always better performance. Read more in our study about the differences in speed between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7. Our automated update tool will convert your website to version 5.6. Changing your PHP version is as simple as going into your admin panel, navigating to your package and selecting the desired PHP version from a dropdown on the overview page.

When is PHP 7.1 expected?
We always try to support newer versions as soon as possible after they are released. The new PHP version, PHP 7.1, is expected to be released on 3 December 2016. We expect that we can offer support for PHP 7.1 at the end of this year.

Update 4 October 2016:

A vulnerability is discovered in some PHP versions, including 5.4. Therefore it is even more important to upgrade as soon as possible to our safe versions of PHP 5.6 or 7.

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