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Robert-Jan Budding, November 15, 2017

You have been working hard to prepare your WooCommerce webshop for the public. You have made sure to include a sleek design, SEO-proof texts, and good hosting. And yet, things have been rather quiet so far. How can you generate more traffic?

Since the rise of the internet, people are faced with many more calls for attention every single day. How do you make sure that your webshop stands out among all of the other options people come across? Here are our top 5 tips for obtaining results quickly.

Results from the past (sometimes, they can provide guarantees for the future!)

No matter how difficult it is to generate traffic for your webshop, online entrepreneurship has one major advantage: it is easy for you to review which past actions produced the right results. Some of them will have been more successful than others, but you are sure to find at least one or two things that stood out and produced noteworthy results.

These noteworthy results are not always an increased number of visitors. Maybe your action was shared on social media a lot, or maybe the bounce percentage on that particular page was much lower than normal. Think about the difference between this action and all of your other attempts. Sometimes, even changing the colour of a button can cause your visitors to click it more.

Tip: in Google Analytics, you can install so-called annotations. Annotations are brief notes that you add underneath the timeline to note certain moments in time, such as the start of a particular campaign. To create an annotation, simply click the arrow underneath a report.

graph with a pointer to button


Then, go to ‘+ Create new annotation’. Make sure to use this feature; it makes it much easier for you to see the results achieved by each of your actions!

Don’t focus solely on new visitors

Naturally, you want the number of people who visit your shop to grow, and the best way to do this is by attracting new people. However, don’t forget about your existing customers! After all, you can be sure that:

  • they are interested in the products you are selling;
  • you have built enough trust to make them buy products from you;
  • they are familiar with your webshop, and moreover, you are familiar with them!

The fact that they have visited your website before gives you the opportunity to start so-called remarketing campaigns, for example, via AdWords. Remarketing campaigns ensure that your customers do not lose sight of you. Creating a special landing page for your remarketing campaign may increase the possibility that your existing customers will come back to you time and again.

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Hedge your bets

Think carefully about how you yourself go from intending to buy something to actually making the purchase. Usually, things start when you see an ad on a page somewhere, consciously or not. You then click a banner to find out more about the product. By way of remarketing, you are reminded of the product several times over throughout the next couple of weeks, leading you to start comparing your options and eventually make the purchase.

This process makes use of various channels, and it is most likely the same process that your potential customers go through. How can you attract their attention at the right moments?

  • Collaborate with organisations that your customers also visit. For example, sign up with a gift card publisher, or a website that hands out coupon codes. During the holiday season, advertise on a website that compiles poems. Or sign up for Marktplaats or Bol.com’s Corporate Seller programme. Be wherever your customers are!
  • Advertise via search engines. When people initially intend to buy something, they still tend to start by searching for the item via Google or Bing. Make sure that you are among the Google Shopping search results.
  • Your customers also use social media. Approach influencers who are capable of convincing your target audience. Organise a competition and adjust the design of your social media channels in line with your webshop’s design.


Changing a display in a shop window may easily take several days. However, changing the look and feel of your webshop merely takes a few minutes. As such, there is no reason for you not to experiment! Consider changing the colours of your buttons, your call-to-actions, the position of the prices on your page, or the type of images you use.

Make small adjustments and do it one at a time, so that you will be able to know exactly which adjustment causes which change in your visitor patterns. And do not forget to use A/B test software such as VWO or Optimizely. This type of software allows you to implement changes even faster and monitor the results even better. To measure something is the only way to truly know what is going on, especially in the online world!

Increase the speed of your webshop

As you may know, Google ranks webshops higher when they load faster, and of course, a higher ranking results in more traffic. And there are more reasons why a faster site is a good idea, apart from the fact that it earns you a higher ranking; research has shown that 47% of website visitors expect any page to load within two seconds. Here are two ways to make your website faster:

  • Remove any plugins that you are not actually using. Plugins put a heavy strain on your webshop, so it is a waste (not to mention unsafe) to keep any that you are not using. Cleaning and keeping your website up to date is an important step towards generating more traffic.
  • Make sure your website is as stable as possible.
  • Use specialised WooCommerce hosting, such as the hosting offered by Savvii. Our hosting is intended for WooCommerce webshops, and as such is immensely fast and stable. We will migrate your website free of charge using the Savvii Migrate plugin and ensure that your core and plugins stay up to date. All you will need to do is focus on selling.

With the holidays coming up, you will of course want your webshop to be flooded by traffic! That is why we have written a separate whitepaper in addition to these tips, geared towards generating peak traffic during the festive season of Sinterklaas and Christmas.

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