Visual Recap WordCamp Nijmegen 2018

Maik Gruppen, September 3, 2018

To share all the great talks with the people who couldn’t make it to WordCamp Nijmegen this year, we hired Maikel from StudioMik to make a visual recap from the talks he attended. During the talks Maikel was multitasking between listingen and drawing to provide these stunning visuals.

Opening Remarks

The friendly opening by Taco and Yvette.

The Privacy Paradox

The keynote talk by our own Robert-Jan Budding about why everyone needs to act on privacy.

A Marketer’s Guide to Developing Empathy

A talk by Bridget Willard about understanding your clients, by joining them.

Backward Compatibility VS Technical Debt

A talk by Alain Schlesser about why maintaining backward compatibility forces WordPress developers to introduce constantly technical debt.

How Working with WordPress Saved My Life

A personal talk by Birgit Olzem about how important it is to surround yourself with the right kind of people.

Mike’s Personal Branding Workshop

A Workshop hosted by Mike Rynart about personal brand building.

0.6 Seconds is the New Slow

The keynote talk by Jono Alderson about the Web Performance science. Get a fast site with 1000 little tweaks.

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We gave the original sketches to the speakers, as an appreciation for their hard work and inspiring stories. And ofcourse, we already knew that Maikel is a great artist, but we are actually amazed by his skills and creativity to capture the core of every single talk to paper.

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