Related Posts for WordPress Plugin review & discount [Savvii Deals]

Lucas Prigge, October 14, 2016

related_posts_for_wp_225_100For quite some time now, Savvii customers have been able to make use of our exclusive discount for some great extensions and services for WordPress, thanks to our Savvii Deals program. We thought it was about time we informed you of the several opportunities you can make use of.

We kick off with a review of the Related Posts for WordPress plugin. This clever and slim plugin makes it easy for you to display related content under your posts, which makes it a vast improvement to your user experience.

Installation and setup

We’ll start with the free version of the plugin. You can download it in your WP-Admin or in the WordPress-repository. After activating the plugin, you’re welcomed by an extremely user-friendly installation wizard, which will link all your existing posts. After it has cached all your posts [?], you can set the amount of related posts displayed under each post.

The Related Posts for WordPress Plugin installation wizard welcomes you after the installation.

The Related Posts for WordPress installation wizard welcomes you after the installation.


In order to test the plugin, we deployed an empty WordPress install with 3 simple posts, which we linked with the plugin. Obviously, the wizard was completed very quickly. The result is commendable: the posts are displayed under every post in an orderly fashion and in style of the used template. After going through the installation process, you can configure per (new) post, which other posts should be displayed as related.

After the plugin has done its job, you can view related posts below every post.

After the plugin has done its job, you can view related posts below every post.

You can also configure (1) the amount of related posts displayed and (2) the amount of words in the summary below the title/link. This summary consists of the first words of the related post’s text. In future versions, it’d be nice to be able to write the summary for yourself. With such a feature, one could for example place a call-to-action to really trigger visitors reading another post. Currently, you need to rely on an attractive title and first sentences of the text to do this. This, however, is very important anyway.

All in all, the free version of the plugin delivers on its promise, and does so very well.

Related Posts for WordPress Premium

Would you like to link not only posts, but also pages? Maybe you have a webshop, and you’d like to display related products? If that’s the case, then the premium version is what you need. In additation to these extra features, you (1) receive more control over the layout, (2) can use the plugin with WordPress Multisite and (3) you can get help via priority email support.

So, if you have a big website, or want to use the plugin for several websites, we definitely recommend the premium version. A license can be acquired for one, 5 or 20 websites. Savvii customers receive an exclusive 20% discount with every order via our admin panel.

If you’re not a customer yet, first migrate your site(s) to one of our hosting plans. Contact us or simply call us on (+31) 024 820 00 00 if you have any further questions!

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