Savvii acquired by TWS

Flip Keijzer, March 13, 2018

Savvii has become part of the Total Webhosting Solutions group. A great moment in our 5 year anniversary.

Since our start in 2013, we have worked hard to build a superfast and supersafe hosting platform for WordPress. We have grown fast and since one year and a half, we are active in multiple countries. We are hosting the sites of our customers in many locations around the world and are proud of our fanatical support. This has not gone unnoticed, both by our customers, competitors and investors alike.

TWS is a group that believes in a decentral model, where the companies learn from each other and make each other stronger. With this, we (and you) reap the benefits of the expertise and experience of the other hosting providers in the group. TWS employs a Buy-and-hold-forever strategy. The goal is to grow more powerful together than would be possible alone.

You will notice nothing. You will keep working together with the same people. Likewise, we will decide for ourselves which new features will be developed.

Now, the continuity of Savvii is guaranteed for the years to come, as is the power to grow and to develop as a company. For us, this means that our plans for growth can be executed even more decisively. Do you want to help us realize this growth? We are looking for new colleagues!

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