Savvii Price Change

Gijs Hovens, November 12, 2018

From 1 January we will change the prices of your plan. In addition, we will make some things simpler. In this post, we will explain why, what and how.


We are doing this because we have built a lot of new features saving you time and increasing your website speed and security since our start five years ago. Until now, we have kept our prices the same for all those years.

What is changing?

-Starter – New starter plans are not available anymore. Per 1 March 2019, all starter plans will be moved to Shared One. Until then, the price will remain at €11 per month. If you have a Starter plan, you can expect an email with more details from us.

Multisite Multisite will become free of charge from 1 December 2018. No action from your side is required.

Please find the new prices below:

-Single site – Monthly – Annual

Shared One – €35 – €32 (billed at €384 per year)

VPS One  – €79 – €72 (billed at €864 per year)

VPS One L – €129 – €119 (billed at €1428 per year)

VPS One XL – €229 – €209 (billed at €2508 per year)

VPS One XXL – €429 – €399 (billed at €4788 per year)

VPS One XXXL – €849 – €789 (billed at €9468 per year)

-Multiple sites – Monthly – Annual

Shared Five – €79 –  €72 (billed at €864 per year)

VPS Ten – €174 – €159 (billed at €1908 per year)

VPS Twenty – €279 – €259 (billed at €3108 per year)

VPS Forty – €479 – €449 (billed at €5388 per year)

When are the price changes going to be applied?

1 January 2019. The new prices will be effective from the first prolongation of your plans on or after 1 January. For almost all monthly plans this is on 1 January itself. For annual plans, this date will be somewhere in 2019. You will retain the current prices for the current remainder of your annual contract.

Do you have a monthly plan and want to profit from the current prices as long as possible? Make sure you change your billing cycle to annual before 1 December 2018.

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