Savvii Warpdrive plugin now open-source

Gijs Hovens, December 15, 2017

Savvii Warpdrive

Savvii clients already know it: our WordPress plugin ‘Warpdrive’. It is installed on all Savvii platform sites. Today, December 15, we made this plugin open source. Open sourcing has changed Warpdrive from a must-use plugin to a ‘standard’ plugin. That means you, as a developer, can contribute to the plugin. The plugin is currently responsible for automatically flushing the cache, presenting access and error logs in a readable format, and for a number of security measures. This article sets out the value of open sourcing and how you can contribute.

How does it benefit you as a Savvii client?

Open source software means that the source code is available to study, to (re)use and to contribute to. We made our Warpdrive plugin available under the GPLv3 licence. This is the same license applied by WordPress and all plugins in the WordPress repository. One of the key conditions set out in this license is that software based on the original code must also be made available as open source under GPLv3.

As people outside Savvii now have access to the code of our plugin, we are informed of any potential bugs or language errors much quicker. That is hopefully not the only benefit: other developers can contribute to the plugin by adding or improving functionality, or making improvements to the visual design or the texts.

It is also possible to create a fully individual version of the Savvii plugin (provided it is made available under GPLv3), and using it instead of the Savvii Warpdrive plugin delivered and installed by Savvii. For example, you could create a white-label plugin with your own logo and company name. That is not a problem to us! But you will understand that we are unable to provide support on the performance of such plugins.

The version we install and make available is subject to a full quality inspection of all improvements in code, design and text that we receive. This serves to guarantee the quality and reliability of our version.

How can I contribute?

Does the above encourage you to get started on a contribution to our plugin? Super! The first step is to view the plugin code in our repository at GitHub .

In the repository, you start by reading the file. This explains the key functionality. It also sets out fully updated requirements and instructions regarding contributions. In any case, you will need Composer, a supported PHP version (for example 7.2), the most recent version of WordPress, and the command line tool by Code Climate.

To test our plugin, we use PHPUnit and other applications. It is crucial to do this yourself too when you make changes to the PHP code. Please find the relevant instructions in the readme file.

Once your improvement or modification is completed, you can process it in your own repository. Then you can use your version for your websites on our platform. We would be even happier if you share your improvements with us! You can share by making a ‘pull request’ with your improvements.

We are ready to be surprised by your contributions, and we are happy to make time for processing your pull requests. This makes hosting with Savvii even better for yourself – and for all our other clients too.

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