What does the Savvii plugin do?

Lucas Prigge, June 5, 2015

What does the Savvii Plugin do?

The Savvii Plug-In is designed to provide Savvii customers with extra functionality. If you log in on the wp-admin you will see a cogwheel icon with the text ´Savvii´ on the top left. Must-use means that you cannot deactivate this plug-in yourself. You can remove the plug-in with sFTP, but we recommend not to do this.


To activate the plug-in, an entry of the Access token is required. This token can be queried with the Savvii Customer Portal. Without a token, the plug-in remains inactive and your website will not function completely on our platform.

What does the Savvii plug-in do?

Cache Flushing
At the feature ´Caching´ you see 2 options.

Flush on post/page edit or publish
Flush on post/page edit or publish, comment changes, attachment changes
With this feature you should decide for yourself if you want to empty your cache. If you want to have your edits directly visible on your website, the cache should be emptied more often. In this case, visitors will not see your website from the cache. If your website is not flushed after every editing, your visitors will be served very quickly by the cache. So here it is important to make an informed decision.

In addition to flushing automatically, you can also empty the cache manually with the plug-in. Click on the menu item in your top menu of the wp-admin.

Read server Log
The Savvii Plug-In offers you the possibility to read your Access Log. This can be done quickly with 10 lines or more comprehensively with 100 lines. With the Access Log you can see who has logged on to your site.

It is of course practical to see if your website works well and is error free. Therefore you can also read your error logs with the Savvii Plug-In. This is also possible with 10 or 100 lines. We recommend to check your error logs regularly and to solve possible errors and warnings. This is beneficial for the security and speed of your website.

Protection against Brute Force Attacks
If an IP address makes a lot of attempts to log on to your website (this is called a ´Brute Force Attack´) this IP address will be blocked. For the technical readers: this IP address is not blocked at application level, but our plug-in sets the address with Fail2Ban in the IPtables firewall. This is better for speed and security.

This functionality is comparable to the Login Lockdown Plug-In. However, it is executed at a higher level and is therefore better.

With the Savvii Plug-In you can enable or disable the Savvii CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN makes sure that your visitors can load the static content (images, CSS, JavaScript) of your website faster. This allows this content to be served from another domain. For example, this domain does not create cookies. These processes result in a gain in speed for you.

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