Speed improvement for sites with SSL certificates

Gijs Hovens, May 30, 2016

screenshot of secured website with SSLGood news for our existing and future customers with an SSL certificate! The last few weeks we have been busy implementing an important speed improvement for websites with an SSL certificate. In the past having an SSL certificate was not compatible with our Varnish caching mechanism. From today, all existing and new sites with SSL certificates can profit from the speed improvements of our Varnish cache. That means that running a site over https is not only a fractionally slower dan running on http (you only lose some milliseconds in the SSL verification).

This is especially important since Google has made public that both site speed and encryption are important ranking factors.

So, there is no reason to not have an SSL certificate.

You can expect more changes regarding SSL in the future. Support for http/2 and free Domain Validation certificates through Let’s Encrypt are on our roadmap. Because we work in an agile way we cannot tell you when to expect these features.

From today it is also possible to order SSL certificates with a validity of two years. That will save you both time and money.

Order your SSL certificates trough our administration panel.

Update: Free Let’s Encrypt DV certificates are now available!

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