State of the WordPress Industry 2019

Robert-Jan Budding, February 5, 2019

The WordPress industry is big. Ever since the very first version of WordPress was released in 2003, WordPress has grown into a billion-dollar business.

According to Joost de Valk (Yoast) and Matt Mullenweg, the total economic market size of WordPress is over €10 billion. Professionals from the industry work as website developers, at marketing and content businesses, as theme developers, offer WordPress support, or work at hosting companies such as ourselves.

In January 2019, we conducted a study of the WordPress industry. We wanted to know what the professionals look like who enabled the rise of WordPress to great heights. We wanted to know where they come from, how they get their customers, and what they charge for their services.

We documented all of this in the State of the WordPress Industry, the results of which you can download below. The purpose of this study is to give everyone working in the WordPress industry insight into what others are up to and how the market itself sees the future of WordPress.

Download the State of the WordPress Industry 2019

WordPress industry

We have received 274 filled out questionnaires. The respondents come from all over the world, from Uganda to Mexico and Nepal. We received the most responses from the Netherlands and the United States, both countries where WordPress is used a lot. Most professionals work in website development and design, so at agencies. The hosting industry is well represented, too.

Furthermore, we see that the bulk of professionals works for, or owns, a company no larger than 10 people, with an annual turnover below $500,000.

Price development

We wanted to know which prices are charged and how the professionals see the evolution of this. We can see that there is an equal distribution between rising and constant prices. There is also a group of over 5% that says prices have dropped since last year, with the largest group coming from Africa.

State of WordPress Industry Map

In the results, you can also find the average prices website developers and agencies ask for their services.

Download the State of the WordPress Industry 2019

Future of WordPress

Of course, we want to know how the industry views the development of WordPress. To begin with, we asked how the professionals see the future of the WordPress ecosystem. That turned out to be very encouraging. Almost 80% of the respondents are positive about the future of WordPress.

78% of the respondents is positive about the future of WordPress

Yet there are still quite a lot of concerns, especially about Gutenberg. This is what is said about it, among other things:

Stop competing with substandard website builders. I cannot tell you how many times I get a half-finished Squarespace site because the customer simply does not have the time.

But Gutenberg is not the only concern. In the study, you can read which challenges the WordPress professionals see for the future of WordPress as well.

We not only asked about the concerns about WordPress. We also wanted to know what skills professionals should acquire to be able to work in the WordPress industry.

PHP is, not entirely without logic, in second place with 18% of the respondents giving it as an answer. If you want to be successful in the WordPress industry in the future, another skill is even more important according to professionals…

Working in the WordPress industry

Lastly, we asked how active the professionals in the WordPress community are and what makes them happiest about working in the WordPress industry. The factor they deemed the least important is striking. According to them, the least important factor is diversity, something that the community generally values.

The factor they believe to be the most important is remote work. The industry, therefore, seems to be very suitable for digital nomads.

State of WordPress Industry Work


We have summarized the results for you in a nice overview that is available to everyone. It is also possible to download only the raw data as an XLSX or SAV (SPSS) file.

We think it would be super cool if you started working with the data yourself! If this is the case, we would greatly appreciate it if you used a source reference in the form of a link 😉

Download the State of the WordPress Industry 2019

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