The 3 steps Savvii uses to onboard an agency for the reseller program

Danny, October 17, 2019

Would you and your agency like to participate in our reseller program for hosting? Great! Then this blogpost is written for you. During the onboarding it will become clear if we form a match. Below we’ll explain step by step how we onboard an agency for the reseller program.

Getting to know each other:

Of course we will kick off the onboarding with an introductory meeting. This is where we get to know each other. What do you do as an agency? Do you already offer hosting? If so, why are you searching for a new hosting provider? And who are your customers to whom the hosting will eventually be resold? It is also important that you get to know us. What can you expect from us as a Managed WordPress hosting provider and does this fit in with the hosting you want to offer to your customers?  If it turns out that we’re on the same wavelength after this conversation, it is time for us to show you what we have to offer.

14-day trial

Problem child

Every web builder or marketer has one in his portfolio: that website that’s always causing trouble. Give us your problem child and we’ll show you how it runs on our servers. In a trial we’ll host your problem site for free as a copy in a test environment. The ‘original’ website does not have to be moved. It will stay with your the current provider. The performance improvement of the website is often immediately visible in the test environment. By analysing the site with various test tools, we substantiate this with figures. For agencies that do not yet offer hosting, we can subject their own company website to a trial. If this produces the desired result, you know that you are in the right place with us as a hosting provider. This means that our hosting can also be something that you like to offer your customers.


During the trial we will map out the performance difference between our servers and those of your current hosting provider. Response times such as time-to-first-byte, DOM Interactive and total load will be measured. We’ll also look at the layout of the website. In our tests some requests might pop up that need to be changed in order to improve the performance. When it comes to minor adjustments, we’ll tackle these in the test environment to upgrade the performance. If larger adjustments are needed, which affect more than just the website speed, we will discuss this with you in our advice. We will then look at whether tackling these bottlenecks is desirable. As a final assessment we’ll check the website’s traffic and assess which bandwidth and server would be preferred

Test results Savvii Hosting



After running and testing your website for two weeks in the test environment we’ll come up with an advice. The test results will show how much your website’s performance can be improved. By showing what we have to offer, you get a good idea of what we can do for you (and your customers). Because we support our analysis, we dare to give a guarantee that the tested website functions as the test results show. We’ll also look at which type of server best suits the website. In some cases a shared-server can handle all requests. In other cases it is better to go to a VPS.


After the advice, which is focused on only one website, we map out the ‘big picture’. If we’re able to run your problem website smoothly on our servers, imagine what we can do for the websites of your other customer! We’ll talk about how many websites you want to host with us. About how to convince customers who are in doubt and about what price you want to charge. How do you set a price that is fair for yourself and your customers? As a mediator you want to make a healthy margin for yourself as well of course. And what about websites where you expect growth? How flexible is our hosting when it comes to up- and downgrading server capacity?

All these questions, discussed As an agency, you are not only a client, but also a partner of ours. We help you to integrate our hosting services into your agency and are happy to think along with you. By participating in the reseller-program, you create extra turnover for yourself every month without overcharging your customers. Because we help your agency to grow, we also grow. So together we will improve!

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