The 5 most used WordPress security plug-ins

Timo, December 19, 2019

WordPress is popular and user-friendly, but the open-source CMS also has its vulnerabilities as well. Fortunately, there are several security plug-ins that help to secure your WordPress website. We looked at the five most commonly used security plug-ins and at which functionalities they have. After reading this blog post, you will know which plug-ins you can use to keep your WordPress website safe.

The most used security plug-ins


With more than three million downloads, Wordfence is the most installed security plug-in. The free version features a Web Application Firewall (brute force prevention, rate limiting, URL whitelisting), malware scanner and Two-Factor Authentication login option. If you’re aiming for a better protection, the premium version offers real-time firewall updates. Newly discovered threats are immediately stopped and suspicious IP addresses are blocked immediately after they’re found. With the free version of the plug-in, the WAF is updated every 30 days. This means that new threats are not immediately filtered out.

The premium option also has reputation checks (spam, spamvert and blacklist checks). It’s useful to see if your server is sending spam in order to prevent you from running into a ban. The Live Traffic tool also shows how many login, hack attempts and requests are stopped in real-time. A premium version of the plug-in will cost you $99.00 per year. Do you manage multiple websites? Then the discount for multiple licenses can build up to 25%. Useful for agencies that develop/manage multiple client websites.

Sucuri Security

The free version of the Sucuri plug-in has some interesting features. For example, the plug-in monitors the integrity of files. As soon as changes are made to your website files, they are placed on a log. There you can observe suspicious activities. The free version also includes a malware scan, blacklist monitoring and security hardening.

The real strength of Sucuri lies in the Web Application Firewall. It does not run via the plug-in but is cloud-based. Traffic is redirected to a Sucuri server where the WAF is located. Malicious traffic is filtered out and never gets to the server where your website is located. The starter package, on which the WAF is included, starts at $199.99 per year. For the PRO license you will pay $299.99 a year. If you plan to protect your website with Sucuri, you can also purchase a Savvii Security Plus package (€180 p.j.). You don’t have to download the plug-in. We will arrange the firewall and all other Sucuri features for you. In addition, we make sure that everything always works properly. This way we take away your worries and your website is always well protected.

iThemes Security

The iThemes Security plugin has a wide range of security features. For example, the free version already has 16 features you can use. This ranges from brute force prevention, security checks, 404 detection, SSL certificates to IP blacklisting. For $80 per year you can get the iThemes PRO version which unlocks another 10 functionalities. This includes features like scheduled malware scans, a two-factor authentication login option, reCAPTCHA security etc. All in all you get a lot of features for a relatively low price. Even with the free version of the iThemes plug-in you’ll be well on your way in having a better protected website.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

The nice thing about the All In One WP Security & Firewall plug-in is that the design is visually very clear. This will definitely improve the user-friendliness, especially for WordPress debutants. In the dashboard you’ll find a meter that fills up when you’re tweaking your website security. The meter shows the strength of your website security. So it’s almost like a game to get the meter completely full. The plug-in is free and offers the following functionalities: brute force and spamp prevention, login security, a firewall and file and database security. You can also make backups of the wp-config file.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall is perhaps the best free malware scanner and removal plug-in available. The plug-in not only gives you the option to detect malware, but also the option to repair infected files. When you register using the plug-in, definition updates are automatically added to the threat detection list. If you don’t register the definition list will update after 30 days. We therefore recommend you to register in order for new malware threats to be filtered out immediately. Furthermore, the plug-in has a firewall that can be used to repel brute force attacks. The plugin is maintained and kept alive based on donations. Fan of the plug-in? Then please donate a contribution.

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