The importance of rapid WordPress hosting for your website

Danny, July 17, 2019

The speed of a website is of crucial importance. It has an impact on your Google ranking (SEO), your Adwords score (SEA), and of course on your website’s conversion ratio. WordPress is the absolute market leader in website CMS. This blog explains how important fast WordPress hosting is for your organisation.

Easier to find

First and foremost, fast hosting ensures that your WordPress website gets a better ranking in Google, and that your website is easier to find. What few people know is that a faster website results in a better Adwords quality score. And that means that you pay less for your Adwords. So fast website hosting makes your website both organic and easier to find, and you pay less, due to the lower Adwords click price.

Higher conversion due to fast website hosting

Once your potential customers have found your website, the next important aspect of website speed is conversion. The number of conversions and the conversion ratio are strongly influenced by the speed of your website. How would you react when you have to wait? Visitors get impatient and lose confidence in the final product, whether this is justified or not. In online business, potential customers will leave quickly if they have to wait too long. This has an immediate impact on your sales.

What is a fast website?

What is the definition of online speed? According to the definition used by Google, everything that loads within 1 second is considered fast. Mobile web pages must load within 1 second; web pages on desktops must load within 2 seconds. Anything over 3 seconds is a risk.

It is important that visitors to your website can quickly see the first visible part of the site. Therefore, material such as Javascripts should be loaded last. If your website installs a cookie, this may hinder caching of your website, which will have a negative impact on your website’s loading time. Check with your website builder if cookies are really needed. 

If your website was built in WordPress, hosting your site with a WordPress specialist offers huge benefits. A hosting party with thorough knowledge of CMS knows what the pitfalls are and where speed can be gained.

An example:
WordPress offers the option of running admin-ajax.php. This script can be used to retrieve data from your database that must not be shared with other visitors via full-page-cache. It can be used, for example, to query shopping cart data. When such a data request is made, WordPress is reloaded in the background. Running this type of job immediately when the web page is opened would impact loading time. It is easy to use, but certainly not always necessary.

Why use fast WordPress hosting by Savvii?

In addition to highly specialised WordPress knowledge and a dedicated managed WordPress hosting service, Savvii excels in providing support. Savvii works closely with website owners and builders, offering tips to ensure their websites load quickly and perform optimally. This is what makes Savvii unique. WordPress hosting has been their speciality for 6 years and holds few secrets for Savvii – an important advantage compared to a generic hosting service.

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