New product: VPS One L and XL

Benoit Gütz, September 28, 2016

At Savvii we often get the question whether we can offer a VPS solution for just one website, that is bigger than our current VPS One plan. Our customers are expanding their businesses and that is why their hosting demands are growing as well. Of course we would like to help make further growth possible. Therefore, we have introduced two new VPS plans: the VPS One L and XL.

The VPS One is already super fast, but with the VPS One L we offer even more. This VPS is also optimally tuned for a single WordPress installation. This means that all the resources of the server (such as RAM, CPU and PHP workers) are available for this single website. The VPS One L has double the RAM and CPU power and more storage (65GB instead of 20GB). The VPS One XL has even more RAM and CPU and has a storage of 160 GB.

VPS One L and XL are especially interesting for large webshops and blog websites that need to be assured of the best performance, even when traffic peaks. The VPS One L package is available for €119,-/month and the XL for €219,-/month. Both can be ordered through our ordering process.

Want to up- or downgrade to a VPS One L or XL? Please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Do you have any questions which package best suits your needs? Please contact one of our account managers at: +31 24 820 00 00 or fill in our contact form.

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