What are the costs of fast WordPress hosting?

Danny, July 24, 2019

Website hosting is like water from a tap: You need to be able to rely on it. In the Netherlands, we see the internet as similar to a utility. We also expect hosting to keep our website online at all times. And when the website is online, we want it to respond quickly. 

If your site is slow, the value of everything you communicate or sell on that website decreases. An important aspect of website speed is hosting. Generic website hosting is a type of hosting that is fairly suitable for all types of websites. This type of hosting is available from as little as 2.50 to 10 euros per month. Fast WordPress hosting is sometimes slightly more expensive: up to 15 euros per month. In most cases you will receive generic hosting plus automatic WordPress installation. Sometimes there may be extras specifically tailored to WordPress. And then there is fast, managed WordPress hosting from 35 euros per month. Why? Because it offers additional value. In this blog we explain what this added value consists of.

Managed WordPress hosting vs. generic hosting

Many services offer WordPress hosting. This type of hosting is no different from a regular hosting service; it’s not very fast and it is not managed. This is usually the case with hosting offered for less than 10 euros per month. 

There are hosting services that manage updates in WordPress but do little to nothing with configurations, which is also reflected in the price. The actual configuring, tweaking and managing of your WordPress site requires expertise and therefore represents a high value.
So, the price is generally a good indicator of whether you are dealing with a generic hosting service or a real specialist. The type of hosting selected depends on how important your online presence is to your business.

Don’t run risks by selecting cheap hosting

Businesses that use their website to make money or to whom their online presence is of essential importance understand that they cannot afford to run risks with cheap hosting. They know that search results in Google are primarily determined by speed. They experience every day that a large percentage of the visitors on their website will leave if there is extra load time. They are willing to pay extra for a higher conversion and better search results. 

Dedicated managed WordPress hosting

Dedicated managed WordPress hosting by Savvii is available from 35 euro per month. Savvii is a specialist in services for fast website hosting, exclusively for WordPress. It is the fastest, safest, and most stable hosting you can get for your site. On top of this, Savvii offers robust support for its WordPress hosting. With Savvii you get no e-mail and no domain name. This is a conscious choice. This is what makes Savvii the specialist in WordPress Hosting. 

Upon the customer’s request, Savvii can also deliver services that are priced at hundreds of euros per month. For example, if your site has high peaks in visitor numbers.  Indispensable, for example, when running a major advertising campaign or if you have a webshop and run several campaigns.

Multiple price packages for WordPress hosting

Although there are multiple packages available, Savvii offers two types of hosting. Shared hosting, which means that your website shares a server with other parties. Generic hosting services sometimes serve 400 to 1000 websites on a single server. Savvii places only a fraction of this number on each server and uses boundaries to ensure the customer experience includes no interference from other sites. Savvii offers this service from 35 euros per month. This will make your website more stable, safer and faster immediately. 

The second hosting variant is VPS hosting, in which you have your own managed server. This service is available from 79 euros per month and offers even better security and performance, as well as more caching options.

Costs for WordPress hosting depends on your wishes

The costs for WordPress hosting are highly dependent on what you need for your website. Do you want everything to be managed for you, with maximum security and the best possible performance? In that case, the monthly costs for WordPress hosting will be higher than with fewer requirements. Discuss this with your WordPress host in order to determine your needs.

If you would like to know the costs for dedicated WordPress hosting, click here to see pricing options for Savvii’s fast and secure managed WordPress hosting packages. 

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