What is managed WordPress hosting?

Timo, September 18, 2019

Are you looking for a new hosting provider for your WordPress website? Then managed WordPress hosting might be what you’re looking for you. In case you never heard of it we’ll give a detailed explanation of what managed WordPress hosting is. After reading this blog post you might even want to test our hosting with a risk free trial!

Which hosting solution fits your WordPress website best?

Before we zoom in on managed WordPress hosting, we’ll first take a look at the complete hosting landscape: what is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting, how does specialized hosting relate to generic hosting and what are the pros and cons of the server types that you can run your website on.

Unmanaged hosting vs managed hosting

A bare slab of building ground with a crane station positioned on it. If you choose unmanaged hosting, you can compare it to this. A bare server with only an operating system installed on it. Good if you have the necessary knowledge to set up the server, but difficult or even impossible to do if you don’t know how to do this. Unmanaged hosting is often the cheapest hosting solution. This is because nothing is prepared or arranged for you.

Before you can run your website on a server, you need to install a whole range of software features. Think of the web server (Nginx or Apache), PHP, caching, automatic backups, security and malware scans, etc. After the installation part comes adjustment of features. The tweaking and setting up of the infrastructure ultimately determines how well a website runs on the server. To set this up properly, you absolutely have to do your homework. Only the tech savvy among us get the most out of a server.

After reading the above, you might be able to make an estimate of what managed hosting is. A managed hosting provider ensures that you don’t have to operate that crane station yourself. Not everyone is the crane operator who builds his own server. With managed hosting, the server is set up and maintained by the provider. That means you don’t have to worry about hosting. This allows you to keep focusing on what you are good at. Do you have little or no knowledge of hosting? Then it is wise to outsource the server management to a professional managed hosting company.

Generic hosting and specialized hosting

Normally, users can decide for themselves which content management system (CMS) to install on a server. A server is then set up in a generic way so that, for example, Joomla, Drupal or WordPress can be installed on it. The disadvantage of this is that a server cannot be fully optimized for the use and performance of a specific CMS. This is noticeable in the speed of a website, and also in terms of ease of use and security. In addition, you can’t expect a generic host to have a support team consisting of CMS experts.

Getting your website hosted by a specialized hosting provider is a completely different ballgame. These hosting providers have optimized their server configurations to a specific content management system. This translates into features such as caching at server level, fine-tuned web server and PHP settings, automatic backups, automatic updates of the WordPress core and plug-ins, and so on. Do you build your website with WordPress? Then a managed WordPress hosting provider ensures that your websites runs on a server, as smooth as possible.

Shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting

The performance of your website depends on the server type that you choose. The amount of resources and the number of people that you share the server with are key. A shared server can be seen as an entry-level server. Your website is placed on a server together with other websites. All these websites share the resources that this server has. When it comes to resources, you can think of processors, RAM and hard disk space.

With a VPS (Virtual Private Server) you get your own virtual part of a server. It works as your own protected server part that has its own resources. There are no other websites that take away performance power. You have the benefits of your own environment and operating system, while sharing the underlying hardware with other VPS servers. This is a very economic fit for high performance and security.

With a dedicated server, you actually get the entire server hardware at your disposal. The only question is whether you need all these resources, and the corresponding performance. Large webshops with a lot of data and a daily rush of website traffic might use this type of server.

Server Types

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The benefits of managed WordPress hosting

Now that the overall hosting landscape is clear, managed WordPress hosting may have sparked your interest. Below we’ll list all the benefits of managed WordPress hosting for you. We will let you in on the power of managed WordPress hosting!


A managed WordPress hosting provider that takes itself a seriously, has a support team ready for your assistance. Many providers work with multiple support channels such as chat, email and phone. The difference in the quality of support lies in the knowledge of the support team and in their response time. At Savvii, we employ WordPress specialists who, during office hours, can always be reached (yes, also by telephone). The average response time to emails is 30 minutes. There is also a 24/7 emergency support line that can be reached at all times.

Managed WordPress Hoting

Website speed

The server setup of a managed WordPress hosting provider is adjusted to the best possible performance for WordPress websites. Configurations of NGINX, PHP, Varnish Cache and MySQL are optimally tuned. Few people can do this themselves, and the question is whether you want to spend the necessary time on this yourself. Savvii takes this work off your hands. With a fast website you will convert better, rank better in the Google search results and get more traffic on your website. We as a managed WordPress hosting provider will make your WordPress website faster!

Shared managed WordPress hosting

At generic hosting providers, a shared server is stuffed with websites. Even with hundreds of sites on one server. By placing many websites on one server, prices are kept low. This makes hosting dirt cheap, but the performance is often subpar. A shared server can also be used for managed WordPress hosting. The big difference with generic hosting is the number of websites on the server. At Savvii, you’re in for a treat. Our shared servers are set up so always enough resources are available, to ensure that all websites run properly.

When one of the websites on the server takes up too many resources, and ‘outgrows’ the shared server, action is taken. In consultation with the client, we then decide whether the website should be moved to a VPS. Another difference between generic shared hosting and managed WordPress shared hosting is the configuration. The latter has a server setup that is dedicated to WordPress websites. As described before, this will boost your website’s performance.

VPS managed WordPress hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) has more resources and is more secure than a shared server. SME (Small and medium-sized enterprise) websites and webshops or blogs with a lot of traffic are best placed on a VPS. Just like the managed shared server, a managed WordPress VPS is specifically tuned for WordPress websites. This gives your WordPress website extra performance. In addition to extra performance, the security of your website will also be in better shape. Because your website is located on a protected server part, no one can get access to your website, even when they hack one of your neighbors. You are not sharing your operating system with anyone else.

Servers Locations

Fast websites need servers that are not too far away from where someone loads a website. It is therefore wise to choose a webhoster that covers several parts of the world. This allows you to strategically choose which datacenter you want to choose for your website’s location. If your customer base is located in the United States, for example, it is wise to also place your website on a server there. The Time To First Byte (TTFB) will be shorter as a result. In addition your website will rank better in Google. In the northern hemisphere Savvii has servers in different datacenters that allow you to choose a server that is close to your customer base.

Server Locations


Thirty percent of the websites on the web are build with WordPress. This causes them to be an attractive target for hackers. When they find an entrance or weakness this can potentially be used to hack into other WordPress websites. Security therefore comes first in managed WordPress hosting. At Savvii we make this into a priority. Security of WordPress sites includes SSL certificates, rate limiting, automatic WordPress core and plugin updates and malware scans.

In addition, ISO certificates also say something about the business operations of a hosting company. At Savvii, we have the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. These are tested every year and allocated to companies that have their quality management and information security systems in order. At the moment we are the only managed WordPress hosting provider that gives you ease of mind of both ISO certificates.

Updates and backups

A major advantage of hosting your website with a managed WordPress hosting company is that repetitive tasks, such as setting up backups and updating the WordPress plugins and core are taken care off. Web builders and agencies save a lot of time by outsourcing these tasks. By taking these tasks off your hands, you can continue to focus on your core activities. As a website builder, you obviously want to build websites! As a marketeer you want to stay busy with marketing. At Savvii we call this #NoMoreWordStress.

Staging environment

When you download new plugins or want to test a new PHP version, it is wise to do this in a test environment. You don’t want your live website to be disturbed when new features conflict with it. As a solution a hosting provider can offer a staging environment. A copy of your website will be placed in the test environment and will only go live when you have tested new features. From your control panel you can run this staging environment at Savvii. After four weeks, we will remove your staging website in order to not burden your server with extra data. Of course, you can always simply create a new staging website again.

Reselling managed WordPress hosting

As a marketing or web development agency, you broaden your range of services by selling hosting. Managed WordPress hosting providers have created reseller programs for this purpose. By purchasing server space in bulk, you pay relatively little for high-quality hosting. By reselling this hosting with a margin, you create recurring income for your agency.

Web development often requires you to maintain the website for your client. By choosing managed WordPress hosting you unburden yourself in terms of updating plugins, updating the WordPress core and creating backups. When you manage a lot of websites these tasks can ask a lot of your time. Choose managed WordPress hosting and stay stress free!

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