Why internet agency Heers selected Savvii as their hosting partner

Timo, July 27, 2020

You’re probably wondering what ‘Heers’ means. Well.. it’s not a Dutch surname. Translates to English it means: ‘dominate’. And that’s exactly what the internet agency Heers tries to do. They provide marketing services that make their clients dominant rulers of the internet. Their services focus on traffic and conversion optimization. Their mission is to optimize average performing websites and turn them into well-equipped lead generators and turnover machines. Maintaining a dominant position on the web depends on many factors, according to Roderick van Straten (chief of Heers). The influence of quality webhosting is one of the most important factors he says. 

“A well-performing website is fast and stable”, says Roderick. “A fast website will get you a better conversion rate and fast sites are positioned higher in search result lists. Stability will give you a website that’s always online and accessible. No more loss of visitors and failed transactions. When building a website you want to make it as fast and stable as possible. But if you want to win the online battle, you wont get far without a good hosting provider”.


Why build in WordPress?

“Because WordPress is the most user-friendly and comprehensive CMS system on the market. With all plugins there is a lot of functionality available and there is a huge community where knowledge can be retrieved. Furthermore, the CMS is in constant development. Where other systems are lagging behind WordPress is constantly being improved. I also have the feeling, and that’s instinctive, that everything we build in WordPress ranks like a jig. Everything we make in WordPress, build on the Genesis framework and placed on a server at Savvii does just great!”

The Genesis framework (Studiopress) is known for its SEO friendliness. The complete code of the framework (on which you can hang different child themes) is written in HTML5 and therefore easily indexed by search engines.

Why Savvii’s hosting?

“Let me start by saying that Savvii’s not the cheapest hoster. But you’ll get a lot in return for what you pay. The hosting is fast and stable, your support is top notch and creating new sites within the control panel is a piece of cake. There are plenty of cheaper hosters. But if you really depend on your website for a large part of your turnover, you don’t put your website with some budget woopie-wappie hoster. You’ll have to go for quality. Within no time you’ll get a return of investment.”

“As a marketing agency, we mainly have an advisory role in the choice of hosting. After all, we are first and foremost a company that provides marketing services. Building websites is an extra service that we provide. The hosting that we resell goes both to customers with existing sites (if WordPress is used) and to customers for whom we build new websites. Everyone is free to make their own choice. But you know which hosting provider we recommend! 😉 ”


What are the benefits of reselling hosting?

“A fixed source of income and an acceleration in our production process. The first benefit is probably clear: we purchase hosting from Savvii for reseller prices. Then sell it with profit. The second big advantage is that we’re able to build sites directly on Savvii’s platform. The great thing about this is that you can immediately see whether everything on a website performs as supposed too. After that it’s just a matter of changing the DNS and performing a search & replace. When the site is up and running you know you never have to look at it again. When it runs it doesn’t break”.

How do you look back on our collaboration over the last 5 years?

“I am very happy with how things are going now, but in the beginning I had my doubts”, Roderick laughs. “I think Savvii professionalized and grew tremendously. When we just became a client of yours, there were regular issues. Not everything was set up error-free on the platform. Teething pains, I would say. I think you always have those when introducing a new platform. Especially when setting up a specialized hosting platform”.

“We don’t notice any of errors anymore. The platform is extremely stable and downtime is virtually non-existent. In addition, Savvii’s extremely capable of putting themselves in our shoes.  You’re support team is able think along with what’s going on extremely well. Problems are solved fast and efficiently.  After 5 years of working together I can safely say that we’re very confident in using Savvii’s hosting for our clients.”

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