Why web agency Van Ons selected Savvii as their hosting partner

Timo, July 20, 2020

The WordPress specialists at web agency Van Ons have been building WordPress websites from the very beginning. When WordPress was still mainly used as a blog platform. Jeffrey Visser (Operations Manager, Van Ons) explains why good hosting is important. “Every ass kicking WordPress site we deliver only performs good when placed on a server with good hosting. It would be a shame to put a site, that has been build with a lot of time and effort, on a server with budget hosting where it looses all it’s performance.

Five years ago Van Ons started selling hosting as a reseller at Savvii. There were two big motivations to start reselling hosting: to provide a total package to their customers and to get the best out of delivered websites they build. “Customers no longer have to look for a hosting provider themselves and we know that a site performs well once it goes live.” A win-win situation according to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Visser, Operations Manager Van Ons

Jeffrey Visser, Operations Manager Van Ons

Why Savvii and not another hosting provider?

“We build in WordPress and we need hosting specifically tailored for the best performance for WordPress websites. That’s something Savvii delivers. Hosting is a specialism, that’s why you outsource it. We could also set up caching, secure sites and maintain servers ourselves. But why put manpower on this if it’s cheaper and better arranged at a specialized hosting provider?”

“In addition, the communication between Van Ons and Savvii is very accessible and easy going. It felt right from the start. We have a problem, we call, we explain what we need, Savvii understands what’s happening and then we find a solution together. That service is only possible if a hosting provider understands what’s going on within a web agency like us. Savvii is very good in putting itself in our position. That’s why we have a lot of trust in their service.”

Could you specifically mention a few features that make Savvii’s hosting special?

“When I look at the hosting Savvii provides, two features stand out. That’s that your servers run on Nginx and the Varnish caching that’s set up. Both improve the performance of WordPress sites significantly. It’s especially effective because it’s set up at the server level. A caching plug-in that you install yourself is by far not going to give you the same result”.

How do you convince your customers to purchase your hosting?

“We always offer to provide hosting. However, everyone is free to decide for themselves which hosting they like to get. For those we have to convince, we explain the added value of quality hosting. The difference in performance and the general functioning of your website will depend on the quality of your hosting. Think of the extra turnover and customers you will get with a well-functioning website. The objection of paying a bit extra for quality hosting usually quickly disappears when they realize this.”

What do you say to other web agencies that are considering becoming a reseller at Savvii?

“I would say it’s a smart choice. As a web agency, it gives you considerable added value if you’re able to deliver a total package that includes hosting. In addition, as a reseller, with the special reseller prices, you get a nice source of recurring revenue in return. Of course, clients will knock on your door if hosting related issues occur. That’s something you have to solve as a reseller. But if your sites are hosted by a hosting provider that’s actively on top of problems, those issues are usually solved quickly.”

“The biggest added value of selling hosting is that it strengthens the rest of your products and services. You build stunning websites that need to be maintained. At Savvii, you know your sites are in good hands. It’s also super easy to create new websites. Just create a new WordPress installation in their control panel and you’re ready to go! This speeds up the development of new projects. If you choose to resell hosting, choose a reliable hosting partner. That’s what we found in Savvii.”

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