WordCamp Antwerp 2018 [Recap]

Danny, March 13, 2018

Last weekend, part of the Savvii Team attended WordCamp Antwerp. Account manager Wouter van de Velde wrote the following report!

Day 1: Contributor Day

Around nine in the morning, four of us set off for Contributor Day during which both existing and new users can contribute to WordPress. We soon arrived at ViaVia Travellers Café, a cosy bar in the city centre. The organisation was expecting some 30 people to make it to the venue, but in the end around 60 people turned up!

The friendly staff offered us tea, coffee and cake while we worked on one of the following WordPress topics: Community, Polygots, Support, Marketing & Design, Meta, Documentation and Core.

I joined Support, as I wanted to challenge myself and expand my knowledge of WordPress technology. After some technical difficulties, I went on the forums looking for questions I could answer. We used a plug-in to make sure we weren’t answering the same questions. The team I was part of quickly became a tight-knit group of people who were happy to help each other out. After two hours and two answering two questions on the forums, it was time to see what other teams were doing.

Savvii’s head of marketing Gijs signed up for Marketing & Design, where he learned a lot about the possibilities of contributing to WordPress themes. Milou, who also works in marketing, took part in a brainstorm session on organising Meetups in unexplored regions. After catching up with them, I joined my sales colleague Danny, who was translating as part of the Polyglot team.

WordPress users and developers were given the opportunity to work and socialize in a relaxing environment. I learned a lot, spoke to a lot of acquaintances and made many new friends. All in all, it was a great Contributor Day.


Day 2: Conference Day

During Conference Day we saw a lot of presentations relating to WordPress. It started with an introduction by Dave Loodts, one of the organisers. As promised when more than 190 tickets were sold, he wore a Belgian chips-suit.


After the opening remarks, Herman Maes spoke about preparing for GDPR. It was a useful talk during which he gave a lot of tips about helpful companies and plugins. He stressed the importance of GDPR awareness. If you (as a company) are aware of the impact of GDPR, you’re halfway there.


Next, we attended a talk by Marcel Bootsman about Gutenberg. He presented a live demo on how to work effectively with Gutenberg. During his talk, there was room for questions. Using a clear demo, he showed what Gutenberg can and cannot do for us.

Milou and I attended a talk by Marcel Bootsman on the topic of Gutenberg. He gave a live demonstration how to use Gutenberg and made clear what the possibilities and limitations are. During his talk there was plenty of room for Q&A.

Next up was Bas van der Lans. He talked about reaching more customer, how content marketing works and the various customer journey stages. It was very informative and useful for every company.


After the lunch it was our colleague Maik’s turn shedding his light on Chrome development tools and how to test your website’s speed. This was a very cool talk with loads tips and tricks. A lightning talk worth our time.

After a bunch of short presentations, David de Boer talked about trends in online payment. Very informative for people working with WooCommerce, or any type of webshop for that matter. Annelieke of Yoast was up last with a presentation on SEO for Multilingual WordPress websites.

After the closing remarks it was time for a drink or two. We then made our way back to the hotel to dress up for the afterparty with Belgian craft beer. We partied till the early morning.

WordCamp Antwerp: Thanks! We’re already looking forward to next year’s edition!

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