WordCamp Berlin 2017 Recap

Maik Gruppen, June 6, 2017

On Saturday, May 13th the first WordCamp of 2017 took place in Germany! WordCamp Berlin opened the season. Of course Savvii was there again as a sponsor and represented with two men. If you would like to know how the event went, you can read our report below.

On Friday we flew to Berlin in order not to miss the Warmup Party. The Warmup Party was great and we got to know more WordPress lovers. Of course we also met some old friends from the WordPress community.

WordCamp Berlin took place in the FORUM-Factory. A great place for a WordCamp. After checking and the meet and greet, Schlesser introduced us to WP-CLI. With WP-CLI you can manage websites from the command line. It is the ‘command line interface for WordPress’. Alain explained some basic functions that help developers to work faster. With Savvii we can confirm this, because we also use this great toolset every day.


Afterwards we visited the talk of Leonardo Losociz. He explained how to create a decentralized WordPress website using the PoP framework. PoP works by putting the combination of WordPress and handlebars into an MVC framework. PoP acts as a controller and collects the data query results from WordPress, generates the response in a JSON code and sends this JSON code to handlebars, where it is then converted back into HTML. The result is a dynamic website that runs entirely on WordPress in the backend and JavaScript in the frontend.


Manuela van Prooijen explained us how to deal with different kinds of unpleasant customers. Of course every entrepreneur loves his customers. However, there are always a few rotten apples who simply take up too much of your time. Manuela defined different types of ‘unpleasant customers’. She explained us how to recognize these customers, how to deal with them and how to show them the door in a respectful way. It was a fun conversation that seemed very familiar to many development parties.

Frank Neumann-Staude showed us how he would like the WordPress Meetup website Nuremberg to run fully automatically. The dates are set on Meetup.com, everything else runs afterwards completely on the autopilot. A recommendation for other Meetups!

In addition to participating in the various meetings, we also met some of our customers and got to know many interesting people again. All in all it was a good day, and we will definitely be back at the next WordCamp Berlin. It was again a great event, which you have to attend if you want to do something with WordPress in this region. Soon we will also be taking part in WordCamp Europe in Paris. Meet us there at WordPint!

Of course we could not leave Berlin without trying the kebab of the best and most famous kebab stand in this city. The kebab stand is now ‘Approved by Savvii’. ?

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