WordCamp Stockholm 2017 [Recap]

Milou de Kleijn, December 4, 2017

On Saturday 18 November the moment finally arrived. The Savvii team flew to Stockholm. Maik (Key Account Manager), Thomas (Support), and I left Nijmegen for Schiphol early in the morning. Are you wondering what it was like over there? Read about our experiences below!

WordCamp Stockholm started on Sunday 19 November. Since we flew in on Saturday, we had plenty of time to explore the city. After spending a few hours walking around Stockholm, where it was dark by 3pm, we went to our hotel in order to have a good rest before taking part in Contributor Day.

Contributor Day

After a good night’s sleep, we arrived at the building where Contributor Day was taking place. The company DIBS Payment Services had put their office space at the WordPress community’s disposal. Here we received a warm welcome from members of the organizing team, who were very happy with the arrival of Dutch guests. The atmosphere was fabulous from the very start!

After a good cup of coffee, Maik, Thomas and I each went our separate ways. Maik went to a workshop on WooCommerce. This workshop mainly examined the extensive options and topics and described how to ensure that payments in WooCommerce run smoothly. Just like in Nijmegen, Thomas helped out at the support department. I myself contributed as translator on the Polyglots team.

‘’Maik and Wouter at work with the Polygots team’’

There was also a lot of time to socialize. It was our first visit to one of the Scandinavian countries and we were received with open arms by everyone. There was lots of talking, laughing and also working on the WordPress translations. After a long day of contributing, Maik still went to the speakers’ dinner, while Thomas and I stayed behind in our hotel room, tired but satisfied. On to day two!

Conference Day

The second day was the so-called Conference Day. This day coincided with Sweden’s ‘Internetdagarna’ – the ‘Internet Days’. The Swedish internet community gets together on this day and local companies present themselves by exhibiting on a stand, for instance. Many talks about the internet and all things internet-related were also given. WordPress had a prominent role in all of this. The biggest room was reserved for WordPress-related talks and thus WordCamp Sweden received a lot of attention, also from people who do not work with WordPress. Some talks that caught our attention:

WordPress in 2018 – Noel Tock

In 2018, content will be more important than the website itself. Plugin and SaaS solutions will take over the core of WordPress in the future. WordPress will personalize more. A standard template is no longer enough. People like to be approached personally. WordPress will also become more dependent upon cloud solutions in 2018. There will be more algorithms, more typeforms and more room for personalization. Plugins play an important role in this.

Many plugins will also be designed as SaaS solutions. Hosting is becoming increasingly more important and user-friendly. In addition, the Gutenberg plugin will become very important. At the moment there is only a beta version, but Gutenberg will see to it that designing the layout of a website will become a lot easier in the future. Gutenberg will probably become part of the core of WordPress, in order to make managing website layouts a lot easier.

European GDPR for WordPress Users – Stuart Mendelsohn

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to change the way many people handle data. It is a real game changer for IT in Europe. The GDPR is specifically focused on protecting personal data. The GDPR will apply from 25 May, 2018. The European Union can impose fines on companies who are careless when handling data.

WordPress users face the following challenges:

  • How safe are your plugins?
  • Have you installed the latest software/patches?
  • How about the partners you are working with (for instance, hosting, and how do they deal with the GDPR?)
  • Constantly keeping an eye on these and other risks.

Drinks at the rooftop bar

After all the talks, we had drinks at the Radisson Hotel’s rooftop bar. We had a drink with everyone that we had met earlier at the event. Very pleasant and great to get to know the WordPress community on a personal level as well.

‘’#NoMoreWordStress in Stockholm’’

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