WordCamp Utrecht 2017 [Recap]

Milou de Kleijn, December 5, 2017

A large part of the Savvii team could be found at WordCamp Utrecht. Sales, marketing, technology and support were all represented. An impression of this WordCamp and two of the many interesting talks can be found below.

Since rail engineering works were taking place, we left early in the morning by express bus or car to Utrecht. We were cheerfully welcomed by the volunteers at Hoog Catharijne shopping mall, who directed us to Seats2Meet, the location for this WordCamp.

We let our followers on Twitter know who was present from Savvii and kept everyone informed of our experiences. You will be able to follow Savvii in this way as well during the upcoming WordCamps, such as WordCamp Noord Nederland (9-10 February) and WordCamp Antwerp (2-3 March).

Conference Day

Both the Saturday and the Sunday morning were reserved for the Conference Day. Every WordCamp is full of interesting talks by experts in various fields, from all over the world. During WordCamp Utrecht the sense of community within the WordPress community and the future of WooCommerce were discussed, new entrepreneurs were given tips, and specific and technical talks took place. Almost all were just as captivating and interesting, but two of these talks stood out for me above the rest:

Uncommon ways to speed up your WordPress website – Theo van der Zee

My absolute favourite was Theo van der Zee’s extensive and practical talk on little-known ways to speed up your website. Of course we no longer have to explain why speed is so important and everything we at Savvii do in order to achieve this. These are two of Theo’s most effective ways to speed up your website:

Lazy loading

When you have a website with many images below the fold which nevertheless load, this means that the page will take longer to load. Lazy loading ensures that these images will only be loaded when a visitor scrolls down and they become visible. Theo recommends BJ Lazy Load for this.

Trailing slashes

A trailing slash is the “/” at the end of a URL. Folders should have a trailing slash, but not files. There is an option of forcing folder trailing slashes with a 301 redirect.

If you are wondering about all six of Theo’s tips, watch his full talk here

General Data Protection Regulation –Arnoud Engelfriet

On 25 May, 2018, a law will begin to apply in all of Europe which determines how one must handle privacy-sensitive data: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This has consequences for websites which store visitors’ personal data. Arnoud Engelfriet explained clearly in his talk what the implications are for website owners and which measures you should take. If you would like a quick overview of what you should pay attention to, read our blog article on GDPR.

Savvii Slide Show

Our house photographer Bas (The Man in the Hat – who, incidentally, is also helping with the organization of WordCamp Retreat Soltau) spent the whole weekend taking pictures. These were displayed in the Savvii Slide Show which was exhibited between the two speaker rooms.


Contributor Day

The second day after lunch was Contributor Day: something for everyone. Groups quickly formed for WordPress core, Polyglots, marketing and community. A number of participants however soon left their tasks temporarily aside to attend our travelling consultant Maik Gruppen’s interactive workshop. After a story which began with several fascinating history lessons, the participants involved were stimulated to reflect upon how they would like to increase their sales. And whether they actually do this in a way which they consider to be ideal.


Once the workshop was over, the other contributor sessions came to a close. The last Savvii stroopwafels were handed out and after having said goodbye to everyone, we left again for Nijmegen. We can look back happily on a successful weekend in which we have gained a lot of knowledge about the different disciplines within the WordPress community!

See you next year at WordCamp Noord Nederland!

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