WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” released

Benoit Gütz, December 30, 2016

At the beginning of December WordPress 4.7 was released under the name of the famous jazz singer Sarah Vaughan. WordPress 4.7 is a big release with many improvements. Too much to cover in this article. Nevertheless, we give you a summary of the most important news.

New standard theme & demo content
WordPress 4.7 contains the new standard theme Twenty Seventeen. This theme was developed especially for companies. It has the necessary functions to personalize your site easily and it has been paid special attention to multilingualism.

Themes can now also be filled with demo content. So you recognize directly where specific belongs to.

Rest API Endpoints

The biggest adjustment, however, is the Rest API. This API makes it possible for other applications to interact with your WordPress page. For example, you can develop mobile app’s that retrieve content from the WordPress page and write content to your WordPress page (posts, comments, users, settings, and more). WordPress has written a manual for this purpose.

Video Headers

You probably already have seen websites with a video at the top of the picture. This is even easier with WordPress 4.7. However, regarding loading times, we advise you to be very economical here.

Changes in the Editor

Some things have also been changed in the editor to make it easier to use. There are a couple of new toolbar buttons that make it easier to use. There are also several new key combinations.

Dashboard in your own language

WordPress now also makes it possible to display the dashboard in a language other than the page itself. This helps you especially if not all users of your Wp-Admin speak the language of the front-end.

PDF Thumbnails

Many websites offer PDF’s for download. In the library you can now see a preview thumbnail of the PDF. This makes it much easier to select the right PDF.

WordPress 4.7

There are many other features in WordPress 4.7. Have a look at the complete list at https://codex.wordpress.org/Version_4.7!

Updates by Savvii

All customers who have automatic updates turned on have already received the update to WordPress 4.7 before the start of 2017.

We are especially pleased that a patch from our colleague Choong has been included in WordPress 4.7. He made this patch during the Contributor Day at the WordCamp in the Netherlands.

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