WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg at Savvii

Robert-Jan Budding, December 4, 2018

WordPress 5.0 is going to be released next Thursday, December 6. WordPress and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg wrote about this release, stating “a 5.0.1 version will be open for release soon”.

The upcoming version will be the most discussed update for WordPress ever. The much anticipated new editor experience Gutenberg will be released, but the number of bugs and primary the worries about accessibility issues are causes of these discussions.

In this article, we explain to you how we intend to handle this upgrade.

WordPress core updates

When you’ve enabled ‘core updates’ in the control panel, Savvii takes care of the upgrade to WordPress 5.0.

As with every major release (which most certainly 5.0 is) we wait a few weeks before upgrading. This ‘cooldown’ period gives theme, plugin and core developers the time to fix the most significant issues that always arise after such an update.

Specifically, this means we will not update your websites before January 7. Significant changes will not be implemented during the Holiday Season.

After January 7, we’ll asses the situation and estimate whether updating is the smart way to go at that moment.

Update WordPress core with a staging website

You can always update to a newer version yourself.

Always test your front and back-end thoroughly when updating using the staging environment. At the same time, check your error log for any errors.

Everything ok? Copy your staging site to your live environment, and you’re done.

The Classic Editor

Not ready yet to start using Gutenberg? No problem!

Install the Classic Editor plugin, which will turn off Gutenberg and restore the classic editor like you are used to now.

WordPress will support the classic editor for the coming period, so you have time to figure out how to update to Gutenberg in the meantime for you or your customers.

Choose where you want to use Gutenberg

Another way you can start using Gutenberg is to use the new editor where it makes sense for you.

With Automattic’s Gutenberg Ramp plugin you can use Gutenberg selectively, for a specific post or page types. You will need the Classic Editor Plugin to take advantage of Gutenberg Ramp.


If you’re, like us, having a busy period in December, then wait until January before upgrading to WordPress 5.0. By then, patches will be released by theme and plugin builders and WordPress that solve most issues.

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