New: WordPress multisite support at Savvii

Gijs Hovens, July 27, 2015

Lately we have been testing a basic support of WordPress multisite installations (also known as ‘network installations’) on the Savvii platform. We are happy to anounce that we now fully support multisite on our platform.

In our most recent SCRUM sprint, our development team has worked hard to bring you the following improvements for WordPress multisite:

  • CDN for multisite
  • Run multisites on domains, subdomains and in folders
  • Flush the Savvii cache for wildcard domains (for example *
  • Flush the Savvii cache for a single subdomain (for example is flushed, is not flushed).
Savvii Plugin Cache Flush

Savvii Plugin Cache Flush

Because WordPress multisite installs normally use lots of (sub)domains we have improved our Control Panel. You can now get an overview of your active domain aliases and domain redirects. We hope to make editing of domain aliases en redirects available in the near future. Follow this blog and our Twitter account for more updates on our Control Panel.

Do you want to run a WordPress multisite setup on the Savvii platform? Check out our Multisite FAQ. Need help? Submit a request through and specify the required domains and/or subdomains.

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