WP Rocket configuration [Manual]

Gijs Hovens, August 7, 2015

WP RocketAt Savvii the hosting is already lightning fast. In addition to our hosting you can make your website faster in many possible ways. You could do this manually or use a speed improving plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket. The caching used in these plugins is not very useful for Savvii customers, but other functions are. In this blog post we are going to discuss WP Rocket configuration. WP Rocket is an easy to set up plugin to improve speed.


If you are going to use WP Rocket and have used W3 Total Cache before then you will notice three things:

a. The plugin is not free
b. It is a lot easier to set up compared to W3 Total Cache
c. The plugin is translated into different languages.

WP Rocket has a bunch of additional features compared to W3TC, you can find them on their features page.

WP Rocket takes care of your website by optimizing images, fonts, the DNS, CSS and JS. Savvii already takes care of GZIP, CDN, browser caching and page caching for you.

In addition, Savvii maintains a good relation with the creators, something that is always useful.

Minification with WP Rocket configuration

WP Rocket Configuration

The first step to using WP Rocket is placing an order. You can use our WP Rocket coupon for a 20% discount (exclusive for Savvii customers), please reach out to us if you want to receive the coupon code. Download the .zip file and upload it trough the ‘Upload plugin’ button in WordPress. After that you can start the WP Rocket configuration.

In this clip the installation and configuration is explained:

Just like for W3TC the following also applies for this plugin: experiment and measure! Features could significantly improve some sites, for other sites it may cause delays. On webpagetest.org you can measure which settings are improving your load time and which are not.

Lazyloading is important if you have a lot of visitors that have a slow connection or have a high number of images per page but keep it mind that it can cause a delay on the 1st frame.

In our experience optimizing files (minify and combine) is always good for the speed of your website. In some cases it can break your site, testing is key here as well.

Also pay good attention to the max-age of the cache. The most recent version of WP Rocket will also flush the Savvii cache, there is no more need to flush 2 different caches!

DNS prefetching can also prevent a bit of DNS delay, if configured right. Watch this YouTube clip to learn more.

If a problem should still arise, WPRocket as a premium plugin will help you with the settings, they have tried the plugin out on our Savvii platform.

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