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How BEpic helps the manufacturing industry

Running a good webshop is extremely important, especially in this digital age. “But how do I make a webshop and is this even possible if I offer many products?” These are questions that companies in the manufacturing industry are particularly concerned about.

Perhaps your company is in the process of making the switch to digital, or perhaps you already have a site but it is in dire need of improvement. Think of digitising your catalogue or setting up an integrated PIM system.

How does someone approach this?

In this case we will tell you how our partner BEpic helps companies in the manufacturing industry, in collaboration with MageHost, to solve exactly these kinds of difficult problems.

The company behind BEpic

Who is BEpic? They can explain this most effectively in their own words:

“We are BEpic, we make robust and strong Magento webshops for companies in the manufacturing industry. Because we understand what is happening in this market, we are really able to turn challenges into opportunities. Our research within the manufacturing industry provides unique insights into the developments, challenges, but also where the opportunities lie for your company and where you can distinguish yourself as a manufacturing company.”

The company behind Serenco

An example of one of these companies in this industry is Serenco. Serenco is a company that supplies tools to the automotive sector in around 20 countries in and outside Europe through a channel of distributors and resellers. Before Serenco called in BEpic for help, the company looked very different. A webshop or digital catalogue did not yet exist. They sent a paper catalogue to all potential and existing customers every year to sell their products. Customers could then call the company to order the parts. The production of a paper catalogue took several months of work each year.

Because everything was done offline, this way of working was error-prone and took a lot of time. A process that could normally be realised in a few weeks.

Digitising all products in a central database with updated product data was the change Serenco needed. Both short-term and as a basis for further digitalisation in the future.

“Because of BEpic, the time to create a catalogue has been cut more than in half”

The solution

BEpic has supported them in this. They recommended implementing a PIM system to manage all product data in 20 languages from one place. This information can then easily be exported to a catalogue or a brochure. In addition, this offers the opportunity to experience the possibilities of e-commerce.

This involved a total digitisation of the shop. In addition, it had to be taken into account that Serenco had ambitions for growth.

“Many companies in the manufacturing industry make the switch from offline to online only once there is an accumulation of 5+ reasons to make the switch, which makes it a big, challenging job for us.”

BEpic built a Magento shop for Serenco in which exports were linked. This way, Serenco can export from one central point and create a catalogue more easily, for example. Now Magento functions as a PIM system. BEpic also built a webshop for the tool brand Boxo on the same Magento system. In this way it was possible to link accounting systems and stock management to the shop.

This makes it very scalable, so the webshop can actually handle Serenco’s ambitious growth. Not only that, but the time Serenco normally spent creating and exporting the catalogue has been more than halved and its quality has doubled. The solution still works flawlessly for Serenco today.

The use of the Magento system increased over time and the availability of the system became more and more important. At the same time, the servers were becoming increasingly heavy and the release of new versions was becoming increasingly difficult. In the long run, this cost BEpic a lot of time and stress. Eventually, BEpic started looking for a solution to transfer the management to a party that is really specialised in this, so that they could fully concentrate on developing the shop.

A solid shop

This was the moment for BEpic to turn to MageHost. They were looking for someone who was specialised in server management and particularly in the specialisation of Magento Shops.

“After talking to MageHost, we no longer considered looking at other parties: MageHost knows exactly what they are doing and they do it well.”

After a conversation between BEpic and MageHost, the click seemed to be there almost immediately. After a few effective meetings and a smooth transfer, the shop was up and running in no time. This saves BEpic a lot of time and worries and Serenco can rest assured that their sturdy shop has no more down-time with new releases.

The cooperation between BEpic and MageHost is experienced as very smooth and cooperative.

The Result

The end result is impressive. Serenco has digitalised its entire company through the cooperation with BEpic. After going live with several webshops, Serenco released a new catalogue in a lot less time than before and is now slowly building its presence online.

BEpic notices the result of the cooperation with MageHost in being able to deliver very stable, strong shops to their customers that simply “stay put”. By transferring hosting, they can now focus on what they do best: supporting companies in the manufacturing industry in the online shop world.

Are you looking for a company that specialises in setting up strong shops for companies in the manufacturing industry? Take a look at the website and contact our partner BEpic, they want to help you with your online shop.

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