Case study UitPaulinesKeuken

In a short time, UitPaulinesKeuken has grown from a recipe blog into a high-profile name that reaches over a million food lovers every month through its website and social media channels. In a constantly, rapidly evolving digital landscape, the brand was looking for a development and hosting party that can go along with these developments, needs and the growth of the brand.

This has resulted in a triangular partnership consisting of Stuurlui, Savvii and UitPaulinesKeuken. In this collaboration Stuurlui focuses on the design, structure, functionality and look-and-feel of the website, and Savvii on loading times, security and stability.

This well-oiled machine resulted in a completely new UitPaulinesKeuken website that runs on a custom hosting solution, equipped for peak loads.

About Uit Pauline’s Keuken is one of the most beautiful food platforms in the Netherlands. The website contains thousands of quick, easy, and healthy recipes. But also guilty pleasures. Every month, the website manages to reach and inspire millions of foodlovers. The photography of the various dishes is of high quality and makes many visitors salivate.

Uit Pauline’s Keuken was founded in 2010 by, as the name suggests, Pauline. In 2015 sister Annika also joined the brand. The passion for cooking and baking arose early on when they were little. While the blog was initially started to bundle recipes online, it soon became apparent that there was a lot of demand from the food community for sample recipes. This was reflected in the rapid growth of the blog, which went from bundling recipes online to becoming one of the most most popular food platforms in the Netherlands.

Uitpaulineskeuken website homepage

Zoektocht naar een krachtigere en snellere hosting

Search for more powerful and faster hosting

As UitPaulinesKeuken grew and the number of visitors increased, it was time to look for a new hosting solution. The hosting at the time no longer met the performance and speed needed for the website. And with an eye on the future and the approaching peak time of the year (the month of December), the speed, security and stability of the environment had to be at its very best.

Although a migration before the season’s busiest time is a risky move, UitPaulinesKeuken could count on the Savvii support team. Because what we create, we create well.

“We have been working with Stuurlui for over a year now and are very satisfied. They think along with you, no question is ever too much and they come up with fun and creative solutions.”

Faster, more secure and more stable

With the future in mind, UitPaulinesKeuken now runs on a powerful server that is optimally equipped for peak loads, which the website has to deal with throughout the year. To handle traffic peaks without problems, the environment has been provided with sufficient resources.

In order to realise an enormous performance boost, we have equipped the website with Varnish caching in combination with WP Rocket. Varnish is ideal for websites with many (high quality) images. Because Varnish saves the page in the browser, the next visitor’s page will be loaded in a fraction of a second without any intervention from the web server.

The security of the website has also been taken into account. In addition to being able to find recipes on the website, visitors can log in and order one of the must-have cookbooks. This means that privacy-sensitive information is shared, which must be properly protected. By using Security Plus, we keep every hacker out of the way.

Sneller, veiliger en stabieler


Gewoon goed geregeld, zonder gedoe

Just well managed, without any hassle

How is it going with UitPaulinesKeuken now and what has improved after their choice for Premium managed WordPress hosting? The partnership brings a lot of reassurance and peace of mind. Knowing that Stuurlui and Savvii monitor the website closely, ensure that the website is extremely stable and the platform can handle large flows of visitors. By working closely with the client, UitPaulinesKeuken not only enjoys a completely renewed website: UitPaulinesKeuken also has a significantly faster and more secure website, the peak-resistance has been greatly improved and the speed on the pages has also increased.

As you have come to expect from us, it’s just well taken care of, without any hassle.

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