How our Reseller Programme helps Buro Bedenkt move forward

As a web designer and marketer you don’t want to be distracted by side issues like hosting. The focus should be on your core business: developing websites and providing marketing services. Of course, it’s nice to get a bit of extra revenue from the resale of hosting packages. This is exactly what Wouter Markvoort, owner of Buro Bedenkt, was looking for in a new hosting provider.

Looking for the right provider

It is the middle of 2018. Wouter calls to find out if we can do anything for him. He has been struggling for some time with finding the right hosting provider. He asks if we are the party who can give him more support. “As a website developer and designer, I have an eye for design and marketing. Unfortunately, my technical insight is somewhat less. I therefore have no ICT background. This is where things often went wrong with my previous hosting provider. When there were problems with a site, it often took a long time to find out what the problem was. I build all my websites with WordPress. So it soon became clear to me: if I want to be helped quickly, I need to look for a specialised WordPress hosting provider.”



Growth through hosting reselling

Since Buro Bedenkt switched to Savvii, the company has grown by 12.5%. This growth is mainly due to the fact that more time is available for core business. “The WordPress specialists at Savvii take work off our hands. Savvii relieves us of the burden of updates, back-ups, PHP settings and server security. This leaves us more time at Buro Bedenkt to do what we do best: develop websites and creative ideas. Our range of services has also expanded. Video editing, for example, is one of the new marketing services we provide. All in all, hosting problems are solved faster, we don’t have to worry about website updates and we can use our time more productively.”

Buro Bedenkt currently derives 35% of its total revenue from hosting. The certainty of this recurring income ensures that the company can invest. This helps to expand the range of services and the growth of the company. “Reselling hosting provides more security. A piece of fixed income. Because I know at the beginning of the month that this part of the turnover will come in, I can invest. Personnel costs are one example. With fixed income, these costs are covered and easier to bear – perhaps also for the future when new staff are taken on. This allows me to take more risks. Introducing a new service, for example. You don’t know if it will do well. If not, I run less risk because I can fall back on this fixed income.”

“Reselling hosting provides more security. A piece of fixed income. Because I know at the beginning of the month that this part of the turnover will come in, I can invest.”

Switching hosting providers

Switching hosting providers is no small undertaking. Besides switching for yourself, you also have to take your clients with you. During the switch to Savvii, Wouter asked his clients if they would like to do the same. Ninety per cent of his client base have stayed after the switch. “During the transition we were helped by Savvii. I called all my large clients personally, and I e-mailed the smaller ones. On our website, a page went live on which the information was also detailed. In consultation with Savvii I was able to arrange that hesitant clients could use the service for a month free of charge. Due to the improved performance of their websites, those doubts quickly disappeared. Only a few small non-commercial customers dropped out – like the singing choir around the corner.



Together we can achieve more

Because Savvii as a managed WordPress hosting provider takes a lot of work off your hands, packages are more expensive than with a budget provider. As a reseller, you naturally get a purchase discount. Discounts that are given because, in this case Wouter, as a reseller you have an important position. “With this partnership I can offer quality hosting for an attractive price. An affordable price for the customer, and a healthy margin for myself. My clients get a fast and well secured website with little downtime in return. This does not mean that I can sit back and relax. The moment there are any hosting problems, I immediately jump on top of them. Together with Savvii, I will make sure the problems are solved quickly. Thanks to their WordPress specialisation, that’s usually done quickly.

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