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Successful webshops without marketing worries

At MageHost, we think it’s important to have a sustainable and long-term relationship with our customers and partners, and to always think along with them.

The best example we can use for this is our partner Webelephant, with whom we have been working since before MageHost was called MageHost.

In this case we explain how Webelephant can help your shop through a success story. We also explain, based on this success story, how we helped them make their customers’ webshops stable and faster.

Webelephant: Your sparring partner

Webelephant is a full-service e-commerce company. They build powerful webshops and specialise in Magento. Not only that, they also help their clients by setting up and implementing a marketing strategy that suits your company. They do this by improving the ranking of a webshop in Google and by setting up marketing campaigns. In addition, Webelephant helps its clients by taking care of other needs, such as writing content and more.

“We even took care of customer service for a client once, if there is a need for it we put in the effort to help our client the best.”

Besides developing, implementing and maintaining a marketing strategy, Webelephant does more. When they talk about ‘full-service’, they really mean ‘full-service’. For example, because of their highly technical team, they can also remove the worry of hosting from the client. They do this in collaboration with us.

A successful shop: Van Asten

One of the best examples of Webelephant’s success is the webshop Van Asten, formerly known online as babysupershop.

Van Asten is a family business that offers a large assortment of baby items. From furniture to toys, they have everything. They have one large physical shop and recently all the webshops have been brought together into one central website.

Van Asten and Webelephant started their collaboration 8 years ago. They came into contact with each other because Webelephant was ranked higher in google for a customer with a similar offer. Because this result was so good, both companies came into contact with each other and since then they have worked together and Van Asten has been a customer of Webelephant.

After this takeover, there was only one problem left. Hosting the store on their own server was not as smooth as they had hoped. It regularly happened that maintenance had to be carried out in the evening.

“Van Asten has been showing a lot of growth for a number of years now, culminating in 2020. In that year the entire turnover of the physical shop has been moved to online, plus growth.”

Webelephant in collaboration with MageHost

Before Webelephant came to MageHost for hosting, they were hosted by another hosting party. At Van Asten this meant that the servers sometimes could not cope and became unstable. They never had a quiet weekend because there was always someone on standby in case the server suddenly stopped working. Eventually, they were getting tired of this and started talking to Jeroen, the future owner of MageHost.

“By having Van Asten hosted at MageHost, the shop has more than doubled in speed and this in turn has led to a growth in sales for the webshop”.

When they could not find the problem, they decided to host the Van Asten shop at MageHost. Webelephant describes the collaboration with MageHost as very fast, experienced, thoughtful and flexible. The cooperation went so well that Webelephant soon decided to do the same with several other shops.

“By hosting at MageHost, our downtime has been reduced from an average of 2.5 weeks per year to 57 minutes of planned downtime in total”

When looking at the figures, it turned out that not only the speed of the webshops improved significantly but also the average uptime of the websites. On average, the uptime for hosting at MageHost was 95%. This does not sound dramatic, but it means that there was a downtime of 5% per year, which converts to more than two and a half weeks. At MageHost, this has been raised to 99.989%, which is a downtime of 57 minutes per year. These 57 minutes are mostly pre-announced, planned maintenance moments that happen at night.

Apart from Van Asten there are many other web shops that have been customers of Webelephant for years.

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