About Internetbureau Heers

The company name Heers makes it immediately clear where the ambitions of the Internet agency lie; providing marketing services with which they make customers lord and master on the Internet. The focus is on traffic and conversion optimisation. Making underperforming websites blossom into easily findable and well-optimised lead generators and sales machines. Dominance on the web depends on many factors, according to Roderick van Straten (head of Heers). The influence of quality hosting is a very important one.

Hosting and development

“A well-performing website is fast and steady”, says Roderick. “Speed ensures more conversion and better position in search engines. Stability ensures that your site is accessible and can process all leads and transactions. Both are partly under your control when optimising and building a website. But do you really want to win the online battle? Then you won’t get far without a good hosting provider.”



Why build in WordPress?

“Because WordPress is the most user-friendly and extensive CMS system on the market. With all the plug-ins available there is a lot of functionality and there is a huge community from which knowledge can be retrieved. Furthermore, the development of the CMS is in constant motion. That is why other systems are falling behind. I also have the idea – and this is just instinctive – that everything we build in WordPress ranks like crazy. Everything we create in WordPress, build on the Genesis framework and host on a server at Savvii just does incredibly well!”

“Your hosting is fast and steady, your support is top notch and creating new sites within the control panel is a piece of cake.”

Why the hosting at Savvii?

“Let me say first of all that you are not the cheapest. But you get a lot back for your money. Your hosting is fast and steady, your support is top-notch and creating new sites within the control panel is a piece of cake. There are plenty of cheaper providers out there. But if you really depend on your website for a large part of your turnover, then you don’t put your website with some budget woopie-woopie hoster. Then you go for quality. You’ll earn back the price difference in no time.”

“As a marketing agency, we mainly have an advisory role in the choice of hosting. After all, we are primarily a company which provides marketing services. Website building is an additional service that we focus on, but that is not our main focus. The hosting we sell on goes to clients with existing sites (provided they have WordPress) as well as clients for whom we build new websites. Everyone is free to make their own choice in this matter. But you know which hosting provider we recommend! 😉 “


Stabiele hosting

What does reselling of hosting actually provide?

“A fixed source of income and an acceleration in our production process. The first should be clear: you have reseller prices and when reselling, we take a certain margin. Being able to build websites extra quickly is due to the fact that we can build sites directly on one of your development servers. The nice thing about this is that you can immediately see whether everything is in order. Then it’s just a matter of converting the DNS and performing a search & replace. Once the site is up and running, you know that you don’t have to look at it anymore.

How do you look back on our partnership over the last five years?

“I am very happy with how things are going now, but in the beginning I had my reservations,” Roderick says with a laugh. “I think you have grown enormously. When we had just become customers, there were regular issues. Not everything was right on your platform either. Childish mistakes, I would say. I think you always have that when you introduce a new hosting platform, especially when you set up a specialist hosting platform.”

“We don’t notice any more of those struggles now. The platform is extremely stable and downtime is virtually non-existent. In addition, you are able to put yourself in our place. You think along with what we are doing and problems are immediately addressed and solved. After 5 years of partnership, I can say that we are confident to place our sites with you.”


  • “After 5 years of working together, I can safely state that we place our sites at Savvii with confidence.”
    Roderick van Straten - Head of web agency Heers

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